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Migration | Urban development

Hope Cities

Governments, particularly in the EU are preparing increasingly complex and ineffective strategies to cope with increased migration from unstable states. Europe has the capacity, expertise, money and ideas to create sustainable, defensible…
Arts and cultural activities | Urban development


Athens has more than 1200 vacant buildings that like many other European cities are dotting the post-crises urban landscape. There have been many attempts to address this issue, but none has been developed properly. Therefore we think it i…
Democracy and participation | Urban development

Citizens and Cities of Change

If cities are governed better, they can show the way to a better Europe. Many fruitful examples exist from Spanish citizens' led coalitions in charge of major cities to many local administrations opening up their budgets to citizens. We …
Democracy and participation | Urban development

Happy and Common Good European Cities

European values are freedom, tolerance, unity, etc. And yet, we measure our welfare through GDP: What does GDP tell us about common good? We need to change the indicator if we want to change our lives. We want to co-create the first welfar…

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