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Advocate Europe is an idea challenge open to civil society actors who seek financing and support to realise sustainable ideas. This year’s topic is democracy in Europe. Share your idea until 19 January 2018 and get funding of up to €50,000.



What does it take to respond?

Europe's challenges pose manifold questions. How can we become responsible and find answers for a Europe defined by possibilities, not by limits? Examples from civil society.
on Nov. 29, 2017

Ideas on democracy

What is your game-changing idea for Europe? 18 winners of our challenge have piloted projects since 2014. Discover four of them focusing on democracy and get inspired for this year's challenge.
on Nov. 29, 2017

Weaving connections – A collective European tale

An invitation & introduction
on Nov. 1, 2017

Why Advocate Europe?

Europe belongs to all of us. We need to start putting our heads, hearts and hands together and turn ideas into actions – to find solutions for our common challenges.

Our impact

Since 2014 we have collected 1,100 ideas from 40 European countries and connected 46,000 people on our online platform.

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Get in contact with thinkers, planners and dreamers from all over Europe. Offer feedback and share your expertise in our digital idea space.

Advocate Europe is an idea challenge realised by MitOst and Liquid Democracy, funded by Stiftung Mercator.