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The EU elections survival guide

In times of democratic crisis and the surge of the far-right, it is more important than ever to mobilise progressive forces to send representatives to the EU parliament who stand up for these values. How, where and why to vote with our EU elections survival guide.
on April 25, 2019
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Under Pressure

The debates in Europe have become more intense since the 2014 European elections, writes Julia Hoffmann, programme coordinator of Advocate Europe. Borders have shifted. Civil society is facing entirely new challenges.
on April 23, 2019

What if politicians were not elected but drawn by lot?

Western democracies are under pressure: low voter turnout, overrepresentation von extreme political parties, corruption, polarisation, political disinformation campaigns are some of the often cited symptoms. But what if elections were part of the problem? How do we ensure the legitimacy needed in order for citizens to feel represented? Could the...
on April 23, 2019

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