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Idea pitch

Politix EU breaks down the complicated EU policy-making-process and presents EU law proposals in an easy-to-consume manner. Users can get informed on this platform and then vote on these current EU legislative proposals (Thumbs up, Thumbs down).

Why does Europe need your idea?

We are aware that the EU often deals with issues that are not sexy. Yet, they still matter – a lot. With Politix EU we want to trigger a more informed debate about Europe - through a better understanding of the sometimes underestimated extent of EU legislation. We want to inspire especially young people for a unified and effective Europe and give them an instrument at hand to be able to actively engage in the European debate and shape it. Moreover, it is our goal to create a European public sphere by not only supporting a national dialogue on certain topics, but by motivating more EU citizens to vote and debate about EUROPEAN politics - which they already love to do when it is about national politics.

What is your impact?

Within the scope of funding we want to grow our number of registered users to around 50.000 within one year. The final aim of the platform is to get a critical mass of users so parlamentarians and decision makers in involved in the EU legislative process will be ‘guided’ through the votes of the platform’s users.
We want to become known as the easy-to-read website for European politics throughout Europe where poeple get informed and have an easy outlet to raise their voice.

How do you get there?

Since the Politix EU launch in October 2014, we work on our social media presences and want to continue to provide high-quality content on our platform.
Right now we are making Politix EU more known in the Eurobubble, gaining traction within the well-informed European audience and getting more MEPs, interest groups and NGOs interested in our project to act as multipliers to spread the word about Politix EU.
In order to become known across Europe and finally considerably growing our user base we will extend the language and content diversity of Politix EU. We aim to provide our content in at least 5 languages to be able to offer the platform to as citizens as possible. In a next step we want to be present in national media to reach citizens in the member states.

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€ 50000,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 50,-

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What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

Always looking for excited and motivated people to join us in our endeavours! Watch our video for more details: ...and connect with us for more updates:

Project Journey


Registering a non-profit organisation

We were hellishly afraid of this one….our friends who also had the great idea of registering a non-profit organisation (wait for it…) IN BELGIUM only told us the worst stories about the overly bureaucratic, long-winded and downright annoying process of doing so.

However - the “superbureaucrat” in our team - Fabian took it upon himself to fight his way through the Belgium non-profit-registration-jungle and in the end we didn’t even need a notary to do it for us (our friends surrendered after two failed attempts). It is worth mentioning though that it took us THREE tries to finally get it approved because every time another form was missing/ incorrectly translated/ you name it. By the end we were proud presidents, secretaries and treasurers of our very first ASBL (awesome French name - translated as: “association without lucrative intention”). Sidenote: Fabian was also best friends with the friendly lady from the legal services of the City of Brussels who answered all his 785 emails about how to go about this registration process. Thanks for that - to Fabian and the friendly legal counselling for free!

MariaLastovka on March 17, 2016

Why this idea?

Politix EU offers an easy and visually appealing online platform which acts as an entry point for understanding complicated EU policymaking processes. By mapping the perspectives of citizens, parliamentarians, lobbyists and other stakeholder groups, the project creates a transnational space for participatory dialogue.



Idea created on April 13, 2015
Last edit on Nov. 2, 2017

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