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Who is behind this?

Who is joining forces?

moabit hilft!


Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft


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Idea pitch

The SOCIALMUSEUM is the first MUSEUM wich takes action and produces its own SOURCES. It inspires people to come together and learn methods to help while helping in real. The Good Action becomes intellectual and beautiful, because it is represented by the ARTS and SCIENCES. NOMADIC INSTANCES of the SOCIALMUSEUM travel every where within MobileMicroMuseums. The SOURCES Of the MUSEUM are alive and highlighted in a society that slowly falls apart in lacks of social cohesion and action.

Where will your idea take place?

Haus D, Turmstrasse 21, 10559 Berlin

Why does Europe need your idea?

Democracy in Europe needs to be strengthened by its roots. Our Idea is to spot on the grassroots of social movements and the rhizome of social motivated art. Like in a garden, we grow the fruits of a social concious society in the SOCIALMUSEUM, and spread the seeds that will build a new democracy.

What is your impact?

The outcome lies in widely spread good news about mutual aid and a scientistic work on methods of the social act. The result is the direct participation of as much citizens in the social act as possible. Consciousness about social involvement arrises and leads to a determined new democracy.

How do you get there?

An exhibition in a SOURCE. Moabit hilft! (Bln.) is a grassroots movement. CargoCult art group is a rhizome. With Scientists we work up the SOURCES of "refugee crisis" show them in the NGO´s clothing storage, where the visitors are involved in the help. This is the first SOCIALMUSEUM. We store the archive in a cloud until suitable locations emerge. The NOMADIC INSTANCES are developed. The MUSEUM has a conceptual body that can be brought to life anywhere. SOURCES of social action feed the MUSEUM.

What is your story?

We worked with Moabit hilft during the refugee crises.We spoke to all the humans that took part and explored this incredibly complex archive.(security, helpers, institutions, refugees, media, political populists) Many helpers helped themselves. We discovered the roots of our own democratic crisis.

Who are you doing it for?

All social actors, NGO´s, all social workers (including nurses, teachers, caretakers) all the ones that want to help and don't know how. Every child. But also the ones that do not care need to be convinced of the advantage of supranational mutual aid in a scientistic beautyful way.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

We regard honest critic as the best gift of trust. We would like to discuss our project philosophical. Same time we always try to connect with our skills and know about the wisdom of real action and pragmatic solutions. We gain a lot from that as well.


beate huss

Idea created on Jan. 15, 2018

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