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Who is behind this?

Oscar Mora



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Idea pitch

In the diversity of Europe there are many small scale soul mates: micro metropolitan areas (neighborhood, quarter) struggling, developing citizen participation exercises spontaneously, to protect the peculiarities and richness of that specific micro diversity, through Art experiences among other
It's time to give voice to those perpetrator agents and show that in a street in a suburb of a city of a country, there`s a neighbor,social partner, engaged in a similar process of uniqueness granting

Where will your idea take place?

Valencia, Spain

Why does Europe need your idea?

Europe is an infinite pixel map regarding the peculiarities that make each region or country. The most specific realities – the pixels themselves- are blurred by the full set or global landscape in which they are included. There are amazing complex realities however small its scale and dimension are, collectives and citizens who are working for the preservation of the cultural, historical and social diversity that makes Europe. But we don’t see or hear them, unless we are there and part of it

What is your impact?

We believe in the value of giving a global dimension to a local situation, empowering citizens and peculiar situations by discovering them that they are not alone. Creating the right context for ideas, experiences and situations exchanges we will jump from the micro scale dimension of an area to an international scale. Therefore, we will offer a speakerphone, encouragement and a communication tool using the Street Art as the main instrument of the claims and struggles involved.

How do you get there?

Once detected these micro realities with similar features and an artistic expression, we´ll contact the mayor actors and we´ll propose scheduled meetings under these criteria:
Knowledge: tell the peculiarities of each situation, look for similarities, differences and possible experience extrapolation
Exchange:Find those factors that can actually support each other, helping in the progress or achievement of every particular objective.
Action:search for an artist or artistic group linked to each demand and invite them to develop their technique in another realitiy, developing an artistic project that supports it.
Result:joining forces from the European citizen participation at a grassroots level, providing cohesion and weaving communication networks, all finally reflected in U Art works

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?

Those European initiatives using Urban Art expressions to claim for the peculiarities or necessity of their particular area. We want to empower those agents working at a local level and give them the chance of an international scope while getting support of others in a similar claim situation, providing the opportunity to artists involved in reporting, to exchange their work artistic language and space and experience the challenge of giving voice to another fight

What makes your idea stand apart?

Generally, European exchange programs look for the diversity from the entirety of a country or region. Our challenge is heades for micro-local scale realities choosing those that are so specific that are often barely seen. We want to find those local protest movements that use Urban Art as a vehicle of expression and communication to give them the chance to exchange their experiences and struggles and be heard on a global scale, as well.

€ 42000,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 250000,-

Total budget

Major expenses

With this financial support from Europe Advocate we´ll cover expenses arising from exchanges with those areas or regions involved in the project (travel, accommodation, food, entertainment expenses), as well as those material expenses from participating artists expressions

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

We are loooking for those micro areas in Europe, involved in a struggle situation that use art as main vehicule of communicating their demands


oscar mora

Idea created on Feb. 24, 2016
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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