Urban development, Education

European Youth Centre (EYC)


Who is behind this?

Emina Frljak

Youth for Peace


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

I would like to create a centre for youth, that will be at their disposal for gathering, meeting and learning from each other. A place where regardless of their religion or ethinicity they can come, feel supported, where they can attend workshops and trainings, but also create their own works and help to sustain the centre. It will be in one of the abandoned buildings that is a legacy from previous war, it will serve as an example how damaged now can be a place of democratic development.

Where will your idea take place?

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Why does Europe need your idea?

This place will represent a meeting point of cultures from Europe and from all over the world. The Centre will provide space to young people to gather and learn more about European values, traditions and give them an opportunity to become proactive and do something for the broader community.

What is your impact?

Place for youth to gather, exchange ideas, learn about each other, Europe and world, space to learn, develop ideas, create art, gain knowledge and experience; opportunity for youth to give their contribution to the society and help in its rebuilding, giving BiH more European character and identity.

How do you get there?

Contact and collaborate with ministries that are related to environmental and space affairs, youth and education in order to establish legal ground for Centre. Finding abandoned building that is left as a legacy of previous war and using Youth for Peace capacities to make a project for its redesigning. Gather youth from Sarajevo, BiH and other European and world countries to volunteer and give their contribution in building and shaping a Centre for them. Opening the Centre, start with activities

What is your story?

As a member of youth lead organization Youth for Peace that deals with dialogue, peace building and youth activism I would like to have place to gather many young people from all over Europe, BiH and world to meet and have an opportunity to give their contribution to development of democratic Europe

Who are you doing it for?

Young people from BiH, youth from European and other countries all over the world coming to volunteer, have an internship, visit, get formal or non-formal education in BiH. This will be a place and opportunity for them to hang out and learn more about each other, about Europe and its opportunities.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

I would like to get assesment of my idea, its strengths and weaknesses as well as possible advices how to develope it even more and make it easier to achive. I would also like to get somekind of supervision during its further possible developement.


Youth for Peace

Idea created on Jan. 19, 2018

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