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Enkelejt Avdyli

Institute Migration Divelopment ahnd Integration


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IMZHI will solve in cooperation with border and migration police some emergency problems as follows:
- Improvement of the hosting infrastructure in the stations of Border and Migration Police (Kakavije and Qafe Bote/Saranda), which carry out the selection process.
- Provide first aid package at the

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 Training of the staff responsible for performing the selection process, according to a training plan drawn up in collaboration with the authorities of the border and migration, especially in terms of respecting the obligations arising from the international rights, and not only.
 Development and publication of 100 copies of a practical manual on the selection process, which will help the responsible personnel performing the selection process.
 Preparation of leaflets and billboards in as many languages as possible, on the rights of foreigners who are accompanied to undergo the selection process; on their rights being categorized by the process, especially those detained in the Closed Center, their distribution to the immigrants subjected to escort and selection, as well as their postin

What is your impact?

 Sanitation and improvement of general conditions, the existing facilities in BPS Kakavije , Qafe-Bote, Gjirokastra Border and Migration Directorate and Border Police Commissioner of Immigration in Saranda, environment in which will be conducted the selection process, ensuring cleanliness, bathroom and separate showers for women and male, separate sitting rooms for female / male and minors.
 Provide ambulant treatment with food, water and medication in emergency cases to foreigners subject to transport in such premises.
 Ensure treatment with clothes and undergarments in case of need for foreigners subject to transport i

How do you get there?

 Harmonize the existing Gjirokastra Multifunctional Community Center to serve as Multifunctional Center for the treatment of foreigners in separate environments and according to specifications, selected in the south of Albania as asylum seekers, or victims or potential victims of trafficking or illigal immigrants subject to expulsion and detention in a Closed Center).
 Providing treatment with a psychologist, physician, social worker, translator and lawyer for foreigners subject to accommodation in the Closed Centre.
 Provide food service treatment for foreigners subject to the accommodation in the Closed Centre, according to criteria established in collaboration with the MoU signed with the border and migration authorities.
 Treatment of Victims of Human Trafficking identified during

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€ 50000,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 58500,-

Total budget

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Idea created on April 13, 2015
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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