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Dream Dreams


Who is behind this?

Belma Beslic-Gal

Dream Dreams


Who is joining forces?

Integrationshaus, Vienna


Romani Early Years Network, REYN, Chapter in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Artistic Laboratory/ Art Lab, Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Partners will assist in capturing the heritage of various cultures, communities, regions, use the content in their work and actively promote use and re-use of the content of Dream Dreams platform

Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

Lullabies and bedtime stories are an important part of child early development. They are rapidly disappearing. We will preserve this part of European intangible heritage, and offer the curated content on user friendly online platform. Lullabies and derivative art work will be used for better understanding between children and parents who belong to different cultures and live in the same regions. It's about humanizing the Others.

Where will your idea take place?

We will start in Vienna and Sarajevo, places rich of multi ethnic and multi religious heritage

Why does Europe need your idea?

Identity politics are played by radicals all over the Europe to promote fear and anger. As artists and activists and parents of children with mixed ethnic backgrounds we want to face that challenge and use cultural education to promote diversity as a strength of municipalities, regions and Europe

What is your impact?

Dream Dreams content of lullabies and bedtime stories is up and running. Parents from various cultures, caretakers and kindergartens are using it. Children and parents are learning about their own culture, and they can learn about other cultures. New partners are joining and project scales up.

How do you get there?

We will aggregate content that already exist, we will create our own content by field research gathering and simple studio recordings. We will invite users to generate content by themselves by uploading lullabies and bedtime stories from their childhood. Our artist partners will create derivative works by mashing the original content. We will record celebrities and opinion makers from different cultures endorsing the project by sharing their memories.

What is your story?

We all lived through the wars, resettlement, working with children of mixed heritage or in mixed environment and we are all dedicated to the idea of Europe that is not a fortress of exclusive cultures and ideologies but a global powerhouse of new culture that is democratic, inclusive and resilient

Who are you doing it for?

Children aged 0-6, their parents, caretakers, kindergartens, other public and private institutions for kids. Children and parents from various European cultures, both native and new cultures will be exposed to each other's music, lyrics and stories on Dream Dreams platform and through other channels

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

We would like to get their memories, and memories of their parents and grandparents (older generations are very important source) of lullabies and bedtime stories. we would like them to recommend us potential partners from their countries (artists, activists, organizations, institutions)


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Mejrema Reuter



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