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Making budgets readible for more democracy and participation

Why is it important for citizens to understand local budgets? How do you read a budget? And how can WeBudget help you?
by Advocate Europe on Oct. 18, 2019

Winners Advocate Europe Idea Challenge 2018

Giuseppe D'Avella and Francesco Saija from WeBudget in Kiev. Photo: Olga Zarko

WeBudget emerged from the need for instruments that make public finances transparent and help people co-decide how money is spent in their communities. Opening the budgets to the public is a crucial element in the vision for more participative societies where citizens take more responsibilities in governing processes.

As a result, WeBudget is a platform for participatory and transparent budgeting that eases the creation of stories and narratives [FG1] based on transparent budget data. For instance: in the culture budget, why is so much money spent on festivals and so little on exhibitions? Or vice versa depending on the reality of the municipality that is being taken under scrutinity. The aim is to create some stimuli for collectively creating solutions to the problems of our cities.

In this video, project members and CSO representatives interested in the transparency of public finances from Serbia, Italy, Croatia and Spain explain what is so crucial about making the budgets of local administrations understandable to citizens, how they want to do it and how everyone interested can benefit from it.

The project started by co-creating an IT toolkit and schools for participatory budgeting in Belgrade, Messina and Budapest. WeBudget will now test these tools at the local level with communities in four cities in Croatia, Hungary, Italy and Serbia. The results can later be applied to other European contexts.

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