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What is your game-changing idea for Europe? 18 winners of our challenge have piloted projects since 2014. Discover four of them focusing on democracy and get inspired for this year's challenge.
on Aug. 9, 2018
Hate Free Cities 2

Raising awareness of hate speech: Hate Free Cities (Brno)

Hate Free Cities is connecting youth organisations from four cities – Brno (Czech Republic), Herceg Novi (Montenegro), Łódź (Poland) and Tbilisi (Georgia) – to bring about cities without hate. Training students, activists, video artists, experts and media to recognise xenophobic expressions, the project raises awareness of the topic of hate speech in our public discourse. Here is the idea in the beginning and what happened then.

PolitixEU 2

Understanding EU policymaking processes: PolitixEU (Brussels)

An online platform establishing a feedback mechanism between citizens and MEPs, Politix EU reports about EU laws in simple language and offers an entry point for understanding complicated EU decision-making processes. By mapping the perspectives of citizens, parliamentarians and lobbyists, the project creates a transnational space for participatory dialogue. Politix EU already covers more than 70 EU laws, supplemented by nearly 300 positions from more than 100 lobbying organisations. See how the project started in our idea space and follow it on its website.

The Agora Project FB 2

A newsroom for European journalists: The Agora Project (Berlin, Yerevan)

The Agora Project is a temporary newsroom for 10 European journalists who are collaborating on stories about the biggest challenges facing Europe. The name of the project refers to the agorae of ancient Greece – central meeting places for debate – which the journalists aim to stimulate with the stories they produce. Over the course of the project the journalists support each other’s research through meetings in Armenia and Sweden, and via a virtual newsroom. The stories, all of which touch on the subject of polarisation, are published in the journalists’ respective home countries, as well as collectively in an online dossier.

Deradika 2

Unpack the roots of the radical: Salon deRadika (Hamburg)

Salon deRadika wants to get to the roots of the radical – to unpack its constructive and destructive dimensions. To do this, the project team is traveling across Europe with video portraits about politically radical Europeans and gathering people together for political meals and discussions. Salon deRadika will stop first in Bulgaria, Germany and Ireland, but ultimately should take on a life of its own. A website provides films, recipes and stimuli for discussion so that organisations anywhere can hold their own Salons.

Illustrations by Michael Meißner

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