Lot Vegter

Lot Vegter

There is an incredible knowledge and know how on societal issues across Europe. Borders are fading. I love to share my experiences on local community making, social entrepreneurship and making impact

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Fearless Cities Warsaw summit

In Poland we are the inhabitants of very specific cities, recently transformed from central planning to free market environment. This is why our role in redefining the urban space and improving the quality of life in our cities is in our v…
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Echoes of Freedom

It is easy to forget how far one's nation has come in obtaining democracy and enshrining civic freedoms. 'Echoes of Freedom' is a site specific, geo location audio tour project across 12 European states (tackling subjects like LGBT persecu…
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Jazz Not-A-School

In the conditions of educational reforms in Ukraine and the necessity in new norms of cooperation with young musicians’ implementation with the goal of a balanced professional market and target groups creation, the need in the creation of …
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Music Soul Action

At a time of rising xenophobia across Europe and the increasing numbers of refugees living in temporary centers in Greece, this project envisions an array of activities, including group music-making for refugee and citizens adults and chi…
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Roma Heroes

How can you meet positive stories of Roma people? Do you know how can you be a hero in your life? We bring some dramas about Roma heroes, and discuss their challenges, decisions, activities as role models with the participants and inspire …
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Radio Avocado

Do the Millennials spend all their time eating avocado toasts? No. Do they participate in the social and political life? Some of them. With this series of radio documentaries and podcasts we aim to investigate different ways how the young …
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Creative activism caravan

The nomadic Creative Activism Caravan is networking between the agents of change in the local communities across Europe. Traveling from commune to commune, Caravan exchanges with news, ideas and inspiration, in collaborative hands-on works…
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Draw the curtain, dinner's ready!

The way to a person's heart is through the stomach. This is a delivery service where you don't only get to know new flavours from Afghanistan, Irak, Syria, Somalia and Iran, but also the chefs themselves. At your home they share their food…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Architecture as a Political Practice

Architecture is an occupation of mankind usually associated with the « production of buildings ». But, the ongoing accumulation of massive and complex problems on the surface of the earth requires to reconsider this assumption. Vitruvius d…
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