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Power to the Youth


Who is behind this?

Penelope Iliaskou

Isadora & raymond Duncan Dance Research Center


Who is joining forces?

o Espaco do tempo


Compagnie Les Inachevés


la Caldera -Center de Dance Creation


Other partners: EDN participants ( who will do twin activities in their cities, Greek regional thematic museums (silversmithing, marble crafts, rooftile and brickworks museums).

Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

Power to the Youth are creative encounters of international students (15-20 y.o.) that challenge problematic functions of democracy today and suggest alternative social imaginaries for our present and future. Through multiple performative tasks, they will create new dreams for the 21st century in different forms (texts, videos, exhibitions, performances). These encounters will take place in secondary, technical and multicultural schools, international cultural institutions, universities.

Where will your idea take place?

Athens (international communities of young people and educators) and online (all EU citizens)

Why does Europe need your idea?

Power to the Youth gives the floor to young people who are about to enter or have just entered democratic processes (through the right to vote). In their case, 'what if we took the stage?' takes a very literal meaning. These new voters have the potential to dynamically transform EU democracy.

What is your impact?

In a year, a series of insightful, inspiring, surprising dreams and social imaginaries will have been created by young people from different backgrounds and shared with the people of Europe through the project's interactive platform. The impact and value of these im/material outputs is invaluable.

How do you get there?

The project uses interdisciplinary methods from dance, performance, craftsmanship and urban design. Through five-day workshops, participants are guided to the creation of alternative social imaginaries that take diverse forms (texts, videos, craftworks, performances a.o). Their creations are then shared via an interactive online platform where they are discussed in relation to the question of how we can retrain ourselves to act as political beings in a time when democracy is in serious danger.

What is your story?

DDRC is based on R. Duncan's philosophy on the individual’s development through an energetic process of actions (actionalism). We wish to reactivate it in today's context and give the stage especially to the (political) actions and dreams of young people who are often neglected or undermined.

Who are you doing it for?

Project participants will be:
- international dance, performance, visual artists
- educators from all over Europe
- craftsmen and students of technical schools
- teenagers of international and multicultural secondary schools
- guest students of international cultural centres and universities

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

We would like to receive feedback on all levels of the project (research idea, methods used, production needs etc) but primarily we would like to talk about the aims and methods of our work with educators and people who work with youngsters in different contexts.



Idea created on Dec. 20, 2017
Last edit on Jan. 12, 2018

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