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Who is behind this?

Maj Baltzarsen

Analyse & Tal


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Idea pitch

Our idea is to create interactive data visualisations that present to the citizens and politicians of Europe ‘What Europe Thinks’ on selected political debates e.g. ´immigration´, `climate` or ‘Brexit’.

Everyday, our data visualisations will (automatically) draw data from the Facebook pages of the top 10 major media houses in every EU member state and illustrate how the different subjects are debated across Europe.

Where will your idea take place?

Language is English

Why does Europe need your idea?

Social media has risen to become an important democratic platform. However, we lose interconnectedness between EU member states if we only get exposed to fragmented political stories from other nations. Thus, there is a need for easy and relevant insights on how political debates unfold across EU.

What is your impact?

Besides making visible the individual national debates on specific topics, the data visualisation also provides the ability to zoom in on the national debates showing the comments that have received most likes from fellow citizens and thus enlighten the general public of Europe about each other.

How do you get there?

We will draw data from the Facebook pages of the top 10 major media houses in every EU member state, applying keyword algorithms to identify articles that cover specific political EU debates. By using advanced sentiment analysis, we will extract and classify the sentiment of comments left by citizens and make an aggregated European map. To make the content broadly accessible, posts will be translated to English through the Google Translation API.

What is your story?

As a democratic organisation, our mission is to promote a vibrant democratic society. We strongly believe that we can contribute to this by creating insights on EU political debates more accessible through the combination of social science and innovative use of technology and big data.

Who are you doing it for?

Our goal is that the visualisations will be used by media and the general public in all EU member states to highlight actual and relevant political debates across EU. It will enlighten and engage people to attain a better understanding of the different countries.


Analyse og Tal

Håvard Lundberg


Idea created on Jan. 15, 2018

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