Welcome to Europe, we are not different, we are …


Who is behind this?

Anna Pishchal

Idea Sketch | Proposal


Idea pitch

The aim of the project is to
• Show Europeans that every person is unique and valuable
• Connect the whole Europe through the idea of tolerance and acceptance of each other
• Give Europeans a chance to be a part of an innovative art form, bring art closer to people

Where will your idea take place?

Berlin, Moscow, Lisbon

Why does Europe need your idea?

Nowadays, when people seem to be connected with any kind of device and network they still may not feel them accepted by other for no reason, or feel them isolated in a foreign country or even in their own.
Our project will stimulate people to think of becoming more tolerant to each other every day.
We believe that our society cannot be developed and complete with discrimination based on appearance, sex and age or nationality.

We are all special and unique!

What is your impact?

Our goal is to make people think of what each of us can do in order to get closer to the future with less stereotypes, where anybody free of judgment is able to express him- herself showing the bright and interesting personality.
We can show that we live in time when everyone can contribute to the present and future of democratic Europe.

How do you get there?

Step 1. Go through different European countries and capture pictures and videos at list of 10 individuals per country.
Step 2. Write subtitles for every video, because initially we capture them in mother tongue and prepare pictures for the installations.
Step 3. Prepare and conduct installations in the key railway stations of Europe. The installation will consist of people photos and videos. Near the installation there is going to be a place (cabin) where people watching it can also share their own vision on this topic, answering the same questions.
Step 4.The collected videos will be uploaded to the same screens on the railway stations, giving all Europeans a chance to become a part of an innovative art form.

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?


What makes your idea stand apart?


€ 37000,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 37000,-

Total budget

Major expenses


What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

Since this is a project for everyone, if you want to be a part of it, please let us know and we will make a video with you! P.S. Got to know a bit late about this amazing opportunity and hope juri will consider our project proposal :)



Idea created on April 14, 2015
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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