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Valbona Dervishi

Plan B Albania


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Idea pitch

People develop attitudes and act a certain way that bring rewards or cause disadvantages. Yet our attitudes are strongly related with life circumstances and in many cases, a chance is what is needed to put the things right. My city deserves a second chance to win back its environmental identity.

Where will your idea take place?


Why does Europe need your idea?

The project provide an opportunity to try innovative approaches for recycling and educating that is quite a new idea for the Tepelena city but as well not very developed as a positive model in other Albanian cities. The project could be promoted and multiplied to other cities especially for its approach for educating the new generation in safeguarding the environment.

What is your impact?

The outcomes of the project will contribute: to develop a model for municipality solid waste management, emphasize health and environmental benefits, bring a user friendly model for the citizens to understand their role in separating waste for recycling purpose, increase awareness of citizens as well private stakeholders of the environmental and economic impact on the importance of waste prevention, recovery and recycling, empower citizens by gain ownership of their surrounding environment and taking action for improving their lives.

How do you get there?

Launching a local campaign under the slogan WE the City’ to involve youngsters, schools, individual citizens, elected official, communities and private sector to promote their action towards waste management and a healthy city & environment:
-Organize events in three schools of the city (elementary and high school) and with local groups as part of local campaign that raise awareness on waste source separation and recycling and make them taking responsibility in safeguarding the environment
-Organize events with local authorities to promote successful practices and accomplishments achieved in waste management programme
-Place waste bins with separation in three schools and different area of the city
-Disseminate the key messages of the campaign through public relation materials

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Who are you doing it for?


What makes your idea stand apart?


€ 20,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 20,-

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What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

Plan B Albania will appreciate exchanging information from other relevant initiatives or experiences.


Plan B

Idea created on April 13, 2015
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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