Communities, Education, Value-creation management and teampreneurship creates a research and development basis for a new culture of highly integrated, regenerative initiatives, and the scalable evolution of existing local businesses.

Value-Creation Entrepreneurship in Tourism


Who is behind this?

Rafael Giménez Raurell

Unity Communication Towards Sustainable Development, s.l.l. - Project DNA! (Development of Nature in Action!)


Who is joining forces?


Humany Online /

United Kingdom


We are ready to start a prototype phase of the DNA! project with these 3 partners. There are other 14 partners with us for the whole DNA! project (in total 13 Europe, 1 Senegal, 1 EEUU & 1 Bangladesh)

Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

DNA!´s core is the trilogy “Local, Regenerative & Share Knowledge”.
Tourist destinations as local and regenerative ecosystems.
Tourism as a fast-learning “active leisure” experience, where tourists become value-creation global change-agents.
DNA! trains entrepreneurs to identify, design and market a menu of activities in collaboration with tour-operators sensitive to value-creation, local businesses and active communities. The visitors experience themselves as evolutionary change-agents.

Where will your idea take place?

Prototype with REDES network, Senegal. Then, DNA! pilot in Mallorca scales up to EU region.

Why does Europe need your idea?

Regionalisation of EU governance demands strategies for enhancing the notion of the 'EU citizen', founded on citizenry awareness. DNA! maximises the tourist experience, empowering EU citizens to understand and deeply engage with other EU communities when they go on holiday.

What is your impact?

DNA! pilot consolidadted in EU region through existing & new Partners.
Multiple glocal networks activily sharing data information & Knowledge at EU destintaions.
Active Leisure becomes a trend in EU destinations.
More EU educational institutions adopt value creation entrepreneurship.

How do you get there?

Project and strategy design, regional partnership building:
First Prototype design, marketing and implementation: 02-09/2018.
Formal training Mallorca project leaders in TA coaching: 05/2018-03/2019.
Curriculum development, DNA!-TA Mallorca program: 09-2018/08 2019.
Marketing DNA!-TA Mca.; recruit students for first cohort. 10/2018-08/2019
First cohort DNA!-TA Mca. 09/2019
Submit EU H2020 call, "Transf. historic urban areas and cultural landscapes into hubs..." 03/2019

What is your story?

It is the synthesis of many years of professional and personal experience. It brings together the best of many people and organisations we have been building generative alliances with, actively exploring paths to a 21st Century evolved society. Tourism turns to foster healthy glocal development.

Who are you doing it for?

EU tourists as agents of life enhancing change
Local communitties as agents of EU cohesion
Natural Environment
Innovative social entrepreneurs (mostly young EU citizens)
EU citizens as global ambassadors of the trilogy "Local, Regenerative & Shared Knowledge".
For ourseleves.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

DNA! is a project rooted in a socioeconomic perspective not dominant at this time. For now, it only works in a very incipient stage and in rather isolated communities. We need help to turn the DNA! model into one with a business advantage and thus change the tendency of markets and institutions.







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