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Who is behind this?

Franziska Dusch


Who is joining forces?

Vorlaut Film


Rundherum 3D- und Panoramafotografie


We are looking for more partners who can develop the app idea with us in Magdeburg and who can transfer it to other places worldwide.

Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

We experience in our work with people a quite pessimistic approach of the future. They rather stay at home, in their own little world, instead of trying something new. This trend is described as “social cocooning”. With our App UTOPIAHOOD we want to encourage people to explore their city and to get engaged in how their city could or should look like in future. They take a picture with their smartphone of a city side and decide with a drag and drop system how the future will look like!

Where will your idea take place?

We will develop&test the game in Magdeburg/Germany. Afterwards it can be played all over the world.

Why does Europe need your idea?

When we step out the doors we know the places. With an easy and playful approach we might get encouraged to visualize other options of how our city could look like in future. Other people can comment this utopian visions, it can be shared via social media and more people can be invited to join in.

What is your impact?

A Year from now a lively community of UTOPIAHOOD will have prepared utopian visuals of cities all around Europe. Many city administrations will use those ideas to develop the city together with its inhabitants. An exhibition with utopian visuals will travel through different european cities.

How do you get there?

UTOPIAHOOD is a game which can be easily played on every smartphone. First you take a picture and in the next step you add elements from the "future kit" to the picture. Within seconds you can easily create a new world based on your very own local reality.
The project team will consist out of people from the technology, education and culture sector to create the app UTOPIAHOOD. Therefor the collaboration itself will also be cross innovative.

What is your story?

In our daily work we experience how hard it is for people to try something new and at the same time a lot of complaining is going on. Many people feel insecure and tend to concentrate on their little private bubbles. While looking for ways to take the blinkers off we came up with the idea of the app

Who are you doing it for?

People from 16 up to 30 tend to use their smartphone a lot and are interested in Apps. They are our main target group and their utopian views might still have a chance to get experienced by themselves. Beneficiaries would be city administrations which use the utopian ideas for city development.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

We would love to know whether there are similiar Apps like our idea somewhere on the world. And how much YOU would be interested to play this utopian game.



Idea created on Dec. 11, 2017
Last edit on Dec. 12, 2017

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