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Who is behind this?

Anton Shynkaruk

NGO "Institute of Creative City"


Who is joining forces?

Centrum Kompetencji Wschodnich


Business technology and culture development center




Spain Innetica Santiago de Compostela City Council Gaziosmanpa┼ča University Turkey HomoEminens Lithuania EGInA Italy

Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

community building and engagement to rise awareness of young people who live in urban sububrs in medium sized cities for better understanding of urban culture, based on circular city principles (inspired by Sustainable Malmo, Circular Amsterdam and Murcia Urban acupuncture initiatives). Basic method for project will be urban design thinking and gaming: series of sprint events with passion and problem oriented education on urban issues based on board game with augmented reality elements.

Where will your idea take place?

pilot projects in Rivne (Ukraine) and Lublin, then gaming workshops in other European cities

Why does Europe need your idea?

It is important to encrease number of people who use circular principles and participate in urban planning and citizen projects as cities become more dynamic and need to improve urban services using design thinking, co-creation and citizen-centered approach.

What is your impact?

As a part of Volyn Design Week which is planned in Rivne it will result in:
- events (>200 persons)
- prepared gamekit with application,
- website with instructions and additional information
- online community
- modular geodesic dome

How do you get there?

Phases (based on WAAG, Frog Design, CIID toolkits)
1) Location: creation of modular geodome space,
2) Materials: prepare the handouts - game kits with maps, cards, instructions, discussion the game dynamics in working group,
3) Communication: landing page and selection of participants sss
4) GameDays
Goal. Definition of methods and goals.
Group. Building the team
Understanding. Exploration of the object
Imagine. Idea generation
Make it. Real prototypes
Action. Test, develop, launch

What is your story?

We are interested in urban development. Since 2012 we had urban cross-initiatives for our city (could be found on facebook
1) Spilno!Rivne,
2) Urban Creativity Lab,
3) Open Office Coworking,
4) RivneCoLab,
5) The Urban Form,
6) Visegrad Urban Creativity Clusters Network

Who are you doing it for?

Based on urban services stakeholders and urban citizen journey mapping
1) Organisations: local governments, NGOs, schools & universities
2) Professionals: architechts, urban planners, local SMEs, waste management, transportation
3) Citizens: youth&kids, families, pensioners, house cooperatives

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

consultations on urban game design, search for partners in European cities (especially from the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, UK where these kind of urban gaming were used for community building)



Idea created on Dec. 6, 2017
Last edit on Jan. 17, 2018

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