Traditional Cousin by Grandparents in Caucasus


Who is behind this?

Sulkhani Tsulukidze



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Idea pitch

Short films about old secrets about cooking traditional dishes by grandparents in the villages of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Why does Europe need your idea?

This project idea is based on a simple principle that is one of the pillars of civilized society, to preserve the traditions and authenticity of the cultural heritage that we got from our ancestors. What make the project different is that we trigger an interest and motivate people to try traditional ways of cooking, get to know new tastes, try to visit the country and learn more about its culinary traditions as well as other aspects of the local culture. If this project will be supported, we will extend the scope in the future and we will move to other European countries and work together with other interested organizations who would like to share their local traditional cuisine with the rest of the world.

What is your impact?

In terms of outcome this project will have one of the strongest effect in a long run, as the films that we will produce will stay infinitely as long as this type of visual information will be relevant. The importance of this project lay in in urgency of preserving the tradition which is kept by our grandparents as they will not be with us forever. The visual art is playing significant role in depicting the traditional cooking as for the viewer it is important to see the process and the technic which make the same ingredients and dishes special. We believe that everyone who will be involved in the project will be very proud to be part of it.

How do you get there?

The project will take 6 months including planning, implementing and reporting phases. We will work in a team of 8 crew members from each 3 countries. First phase will be dedicated to research and planning of the trips, technical preparation and script writing. Second phase will contain actual sigh visits and filming in each country, starting from Armenia, then in Georgia and finally in Azerbaijan. Once all materials will be collected, we will start editing the films and in parallel we will work on the small cook book where all recipes will be described. Moreover the films will be shown then in each country in our partner cinemas where exhibition of the photos and presentation of the cook book will take place. After all we will put each film online on relevant web sources for free use.

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?


What makes your idea stand apart?


€ 48000,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 48000,-

Total budget

Major expenses


What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

If you have an experience in similar projects or would like to join the production team you are welcome to join us during our trips to villages.



Idea created on April 9, 2015
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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