Arts and cultural activities, Education, We will focus on art (dramas and creative works - e.g.: videos, texts) in education of democratic and participatory methods, which will empower Roma communities and facilitate social inclusion

Roma Heroes


Who is behind this?

Tamas Szegedi

Women for the Future Association (WFFA)


Who is joining forces?

Aaiún Producciones


Lutheran Roma College Nyíregyháza


ELTE Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies – Department of Media and Communication


We involve formal and non formal education organizations in order to reach Roma and non Roma students in Hungary and Spain and involve Roma theater organizations and artists.

Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

How can you meet positive stories of Roma people? Do you know how can you be a hero in your life? We bring some dramas about Roma heroes, and discuss their challenges, decisions, activities as role models with the participants and inspire them to share their own heroic stories by creative products (videos, texts) disseminated in social media. We bring closer Roma and non-Roma people, show positive examples and initiate democratic dialogue and promote active, responsible, conscious behavior.

Where will your idea take place?

Workshops in different towns of Hungary and Spain, facebook, youtube, blog online.

Why does Europe need your idea?

Important to meet positive stories, cultural values because that brings people closer to each other and inspire them to be active, responsible citizens. It facilitates acceptance, cooperation, creative self-expression and having influence on wider groups in Europe through the social media tools.

What is your impact?

400 students will be informed about values of Roma drama, and active citizens role models, they will become more responsible on this field and communicate their stories in videos and texts. The media activity will reach 500.000 persons. The positive narrative of Roma heroes will be known.

How do you get there?

Creation of education materials based on Roma Dramas (with video, texts, background materials, modules of non-formal education), selection of groups of students, where the workshops will be hold, preparation, and holding the workshops by peer trainers – including creative products of participants, evaluation, and disseminate heroic stories on Roma Heroes blog and in the main stream media. Beside the non-formal education bringing the topic and methods in academic education, too.

What is your story?

As a Roma guy, I have often experienced if someone knows my story, we get closer, and find similarities, we can start a discussion, cooperation. The lack of positive Roma stories can cause problems. Finding and showing them in dramas and every they life is very important This inspired our initiative

Who are you doing it for?

Roma and non-Roma youth 15-30 yrs old in Hungary and Spain, who will be future employees, bosses, politicians, decision-makers, peacemakers. It’s important to have real heroes as an active, responsible and decisive human being and to be aware the values of Roma dramas and everyday people, too.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

I would like to get feed backs and suggestions regarding the development of our workshop (which module works, which can be changed a bit) and our communication (the materials on blog, and the activities on FB). I hope to meet some professionals, we can also cooperate after the camp in the future.


Independent theater

Idea created on Jan. 19, 2018

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