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RENGETEG - The Spot of Experience


Who is behind this?

Timi Majoros

Élményakadémia Közhasznú Egyesület (Academy of Experience Public Benefit Association)


Who is joining forces?

Magyar Cserkészszövetség (Hungarian Scout Association)


Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

RENGETEG is an empowering place where no matter if you are a Roma kid from the poorest part of Hungary or a top manager from a multinational company, you will have the same chance to learn something new about yourself, about your social relations, to discover your resources through outdoor challenges and experiential learning methods. You are the hero of your own story, our professional trainers will support you to meet your best self and others living in different realities.

Where will your idea take place?

Nagykovácsi, Hungary - this town is situated 20 km away from Budapest

Why does Europe need your idea?

We will create a space where everybody is equal, after all, we are all human beings. There are luckier ones with more opportunities and there are the ones who have less chance to be successful in life. We would like to make these groups SEE each other, give them the chance for real encounters

What is your impact?

Training centre for youth at risk and for people who can afford to pay for such self-developing processes. Voluntary, learning, working opportunities for social inclusion and mobility. We'll have a growing income (€5.000 profit/1st yr) in our social enterprise to increase the impact of our projects.

How do you get there?

We create a place for encounters among people in diverse social situations, a safe space for marginalized, segregated social groups. Build on existing cross-sectorial cooperation (corporate, NGO, social care) and partnership. Creating experiential education programmes, building a supportive community, learning environment for adolescents leaving the foster care or living in Roma settlements. Sustainabilty of our social enterprise based on a proper business plan.

What is your story?

I organized a summer camp 3 years ago in a foster home for Roma kids who had no perspective for life apart from being criminals or prostitutes. I became a mother of 24 there. I want to give real future for these youngsters, useful knowledge, skills for life and teach them how to fish.

Who are you doing it for?

In spotlight there are those youngsters who have fewer opportunities and get not enough attention in Hungary nowdays due to their origins or geographical, demographical, social situation. The ones who can support these target group are also important because they don't get the chance for real action

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

Is the pitch clear enough? Is it clear what is this project about? Could we emphasise the social innovation?




Idea created on Jan. 18, 2018
Last edit on Jan. 19, 2018

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