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Yourope Matters


Who is behind this?

Mathias Kaps

Starkmacher e.V.


Who is joining forces?

Associazione bNet


Consulting and Development Partners


Svijet Mira


MozaikMeic, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Idea Sketch | Proposal


Idea pitch

The project will provide 150 young people, incl. migrants and refugees, in Western, South and South Eastern Europe with unprecedented opportunities to express their views and make their innovative contributions to the European debate. They will produce short films on current European challenges, like migration, integration of refugees and also solidarity among the nations. The clips will be disseminated via a viral social media campaign targeting at other peers and the wider public in Europe.

Why does Europe need your idea?

With the refugee crisis and rapidly growing national mind-sets in Europe, solidarity and the European idea is currently under enormous pressure. As a consequence, the understanding for shared responsibility and the common human legacy based on fundamental rights, freedom, mutual respect, tolerance, peace and the well-being of the Union's people is decreasing and Euroscepticism seems to prevail. Especially young people are increasingly losing interest in political debates and civic engagement.

What is your impact?

The project aims to initiate a wider dialogue on current European challenges especially among the younger generations in order to promote European citizenship and active participation in shaping their communities. Youth will better comprehend that they are the innovative factor that can give a strong impetus for building the common European House. The project will mobilise and encourage youth to express and bring in their ideas for the future and to take a lead role in societal developments.

How do you get there?

150 youth, including migrants and refugees, in Europe will produce their own short films on current European challenges, like migration, integration of refugees and also solidarity among the nations. They will show their local views on specific topics and also get to know other perspectives by the contributions of peers from other countries. In 5 moderated, live video conferences the junior filmmakers will exchange and discuss about their films. These "live shows" will be streamed on air to the internet and the wider public can get actively involved via social networks and chats.

The project also includes a viral social media campaign, where people in Europe will be prompted to make short videos of them and to give their personal statement on the future of Europe with a special app.

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?

The main target group are 150 young people from 5 European States: Germany, Italy, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, and Albania.
In addition, the campaign and the “live shows” will address other peers and the wider public in partner countries and beyond.

What makes your idea stand apart?

An innovative aspect is the collaboration with NGOs from 3 Balkan States which are characterized by a high level of multi ethnicity and extremely challenged by the current refugee crisis.
Cross-border peer-to-peer learning directly involving migrants and refugees in creative processes is a new approach for partners.
The social media campaign uses an entirely new technology that will automatically transform clips into short promotional videos that can then be spread by users via social networks.

€ 50000,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 108820,-

Total budget

Major expenses

Staff costs (9 months): 1 int’l coordinator = 11.250 €, 5 x 2 youth workers = 77.400 €, 1 account = 4.320 € Office costs (pro rata) for all partners = 10.350 €, equipment hire for film production all partners (8 months) = 7.600 €, Development of an app (24 days x 250 €) = 6.000 €.


Anja Schleef

Idea created on March 9, 2016
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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