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Пеперуда peperuda


Who is behind this?

Lilian Jüchtern



Who is joining forces?

European Forum for Freedom in Education


Bulgarian Network of Parents


Exploratorium School


Dahoum Limited (IT-Company), Bulgaria will support the project regarding online documentation and collaboration tools.

Idea Sketch | Proposal


Idea pitch

peperuda works on the identification of needs and challenges of local initiatives in the area of education and helps them by transferring experience from examples of “good practice” elsewhere in Europe. peperuda brings people together to work on experience transfer: Local initiatives work together with people from different areas and professions in order to adapt successful concepts into locally applicable models.

Where will your idea take place?

peperuda facilitates adapted transfer of experience across Europe, the focus 2016/17 is Bulgaria

Why does Europe need your idea?

Though know-how about student-centred learning environments is available in Europe it is quite often fragmented, bound to individual people or organisations or limited to national contexts. Know-how needs to be made available on a European level and - even more importantly - adapted to local and cultural contexts. In order to adapt know-how to local and cultural contexts, it is necessary to develop approaches and methodologies how to adapt it successfully.

What is your impact?

“Exploratorium School” in Sofia has been founded to provide a learning environment for children which is based on student-centred education and democratic decision making processes. To succeed in maintaining a learning environment which so far is unique in Bulgaria, the team of “Exploratorium School” needs to establish a teacher training system, to find ways to secure the legal status of the "school" with the authorities and to establish publicly the principles of free learning.

How do you get there?

We are working “bottom up” in the “grass root style” starting with one initiative and adding one by one.

Core methods to achieve the purpose are:

1. Develop processes and methods how to adapt experience and know-how which is available in Europe in the area of education to different local and cultural environments in European countries.
2. All working processes and experiences are documented and reviewed in order to establish approaches and methods of context based adaptation. Case studies and expert profiles are published on the project website.
3. Create and maintain a network of experts who support the goals and understand and apply the methods

Each completed case study on the peperuda website will contribute to a growing resource of experiences, methodologies and people.

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?

We want the children of “Exploratorium School” to be able to continue to engage in learning processes based on their own curiosity. We want to help the team of “Exploratorium School” to succeed in their vision to create a different learning environment for children and young people. We want to support the Bulgarian Network of Parents in their struggle to establish the right of parents and teachers to make choices about the best learning environments for their children or the children they teach.

What makes your idea stand apart?

We operate on the principle of the “domino effect”: supporting one initiative will create an example of “good practice”. The project is a cross-national initiative which connects people with each other to work together on solution of local challenges. We begin with the specific needs and challenges of an initiative and looks for examples of “good practice” that matches the needs and challenges. We will focus on a methodology for adaptation of know-how to different local and cultural contexts.

€ 50000,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 50000,-

Total budget

Major expenses

Project team meetings Online platform, set up and support Online platform, creation of content and images Translations (Bulgarian, English, German)  Travel & accommodation costs (to visit organisations which offer examples of "good practice", to invite experts, for project team ...) Short films (for case study) Workshops with experts Final seminar with experts in Sofia PR and communication Materials for workshops

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

We would be happy to get into touch with other projects in the area of education or the transfer of know-how to different cultural or local contexts.



Idea created on March 8, 2016
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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