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Who is behind this?

Mumta Ito

Rights of Nature Europe

United Kingdom

Who is joining forces?

Irish Environmental Network


Plan B


Global Ecovillage Network (Europe)


We are building a network of experts and organisations. Some of our partners include:UN Harmony with Nature Department; IUCN (Brussels); UK Environmental Law Association; Gaia Foundation (UK); Irish Environmental Network; Plan B and Umanotera (Slovenia); Objectif Sciences International (France); University College of Turin (Italy); Ecological University of Bucharest;Global Ecovillage Network (Europe); An ECI That Works! (Germany); Circulo Entreser (Portugal); Pachamama Romania

Idea Sketch | Proposal


Idea pitch

Existing environmental protection models have failed because they reside in a paradigm that treats Nature as property.Through awareness, education, dialogue and community engagement, our existing team in 7 EU countries will unite the people of Europe to launch a European Citizens Initiative in March 2017, to persuade the European Commission to recognize nature’s rights in law and set a globally significant legal precedent. The Advocate Europe grant helps scale-up and accelerate our efforts.

Where will your idea take place?


Why does Europe need your idea?

The environmental crisis is a result of a legal paradigm that views Nature as property, legitimizing its exploitation for economic gain while disempowering direct citizen participation in its protection. Giving ecosystems and species the right to exist, persist and renew their natural cycles unites and empowers ordinary European citizens to stand for Nature using the law, ushering in a new era of community ecological governance, setting an example for other countries. See

What is your impact?

Last year, our team of 20 organizations, 1000 supporters across 7 EU countries, worked together to launch initiatives at EU, national and local level. We will expand our network to at least 500 organisations and 100,000 supporters across 11 EU countries to collaborate and launch further educational, awareness raising and participatory democracy initiatives culminating in an ECI campaign to put rights of Nature on the EU legislative agenda - restructuring law and our relationship with Nature.

How do you get there?

1.Awareness Raising/ Citizen Participation: a)Develop existing website into a multilingual integrated platform for decentralised action.b)Create pan-European multilingual cross-platform social media. c) Organise 4 conferences (3 EU countries+Brussels) on innovative approaches to ecological governance;d) Expand existing network to and launch European Citizens Initiative in March 2017

2.Law: a)Translate existing Draft Directive into at least 9 EU languages; Consult stakeholders

3.Education: Create and pilot a)toolkits to enable citizens to take action (eg. and start initiatives;b) online training module for education providers on Natures’ rights and participatory democracy;c) retreat on inner and outer social transformation and Nature reconnection

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?

European Citizens, Humanity and Nature.

Stakeholders/Target Groups:
European youth, environmentalists, Nature lovers, NGOs, grassroots movements, academics, lawyers, policymakers and citizens at large who want to better protect and deepen their connection with Nature.

Existing Volunteers:
Empower existing volunteers and increase our volunteer base

What makes your idea stand apart?

Rights of Nature is a game changing solution that brings fundamental and systemic transformation to our legal and economic system by re-characterising Nature - ecosystems and species - as a subject of the law with tangible rights that can be defended in court by people. Rights of Nature is recognised in law in Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico City and over 36 municipalities in the USA. We are the only organisation building a network to introduce it in Europe.

€ 50000,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 299110,-

Total budget

Major expenses

Digital Infrastructure - 5000 Office Expenses - 3600 Travel - 6,000 Accommodation and Food - 4000 Events Costs: 10000 Advertising and PR - 10000 Unforseen 5% - 14510 Skilled Personnel - 246000

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

Over 75% of our personnel costs are covered by donations of volunteer time from highly dedicated skilled professionals from our team and network. Additionally, we are continuing our organisational fundraising activities to raise funds through grants, philanthropy and crowdsourcing.



Idea created on March 8, 2016
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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