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Working Journeys


Who is behind this?

Nicholas Ward

Friday People

United Kingdom

Who is joining forces?

University of the Creative Arts

United Kingdom

Target Your Potential

United Kingdom

Designbox Studio

United Kingdom

We are developing further partnerships in the UK with two age support organisations and one European (France) partner: i. Home Instead ii. Age UK (Maidstone) In addition, we have begun discussions in France to achieve a european rollout for the project format and recruitment of young jobseekers through the: Maison de l'Emploi

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Idea pitch

Young jobseekers on the economic scrapheap (18-24) will reach out to lonely old people whose social isolation threatens their health and wellbeing. Together they’ll share ‘tea and cakes’ as well as memories of life as teenagers growing up in the 1940s. The young hosts will video these talks, mix in archive photos and project this audio-visual experience at 200x magnification across the town’s urban landscape. And we’ll capture it all on our new social heritage website:

Where will your idea take place?

Kent (Canterbury, Maidstone, Edenbridge) UK and planned extension to Niort, France

Why does Europe need your idea?

Research reveals that life for lonely people (65+) becomes a depressing spiral of reduced social opportunities and physical deterioration which results in premature death for more than 1 in 8 of those who feel ‘out of touch’ with their communities
In parallel, young people’s qualifications are 25% lower in Edenbridge than neighbouring towns and 40% fail to find work within 6 months – twice the rate of their peers. And in a competitive job market employers worry about their commitment to work.

What is your impact?

1. Boost young jobseekers’ self-confidence and deliver the new skills, practical experience and proof of team working capabilities that will impress employers – ensuring that 4 out of 5 project members secure jobs
Improve lonely old people’s wellbeing and actively hold back early stage (1-4) dementia
2. Reengage our communities across Europe in supporting our most vulnerable members –by capturing interest through stimulating art installations

How do you get there?

Based on a 2015 UK pilot we will work over 39 weeks:
-Train each young jobseeker to engage with older residents and build community engagement partnerships to organise ‘afternoon tea and cake parties’
-Highlight jobseekers’ new skills (project management, budget control, social marketing) through CV workshops and realistic interview ‘clinics’
- Collaborate with local artists, photographic experts, peer mentors to record video memories research archive images and then build the website: and design the digital art installation (external projection over 2-4 evenings)
- Use action research to track wellbeing of young and old participants and create academically validated evidence of success
- Explore translation of this project to European partners in Niort, France

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?

1. Young jobseekers (18-24) are frustrated by the statement: “no experience - no job; no job – no experience”. And work is often transitory - 40% of young people (16-24) accept temporary contracts and 1 in 3 work part time – 2x that of adults (25-64)
2. Loneliness affects 20% of those aged 65+. Emergency hospital admissions for 65+ living in Edenbridge are 30% higher than neighbouring towns whilst residential care is 50% higher
3. Members of the community who don’t engage with art/heritage

What makes your idea stand apart?

Working Journeys is a streamlined self-help project that gives marginalized groups the chance to rebuild their lives. We challenge our participants’ own expectations of their capabilities. Using their own resources – memories of the 1940s and new unexpected skills organising tea parties, websites and outdoor art installations – they build a healthier, more sustainable future for themselves. And we overturn Society’s preconceptions of young jobseekers and lonely old people on the edge of dementia

€ 26862,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 41514,-

Total budget

Major expenses

including planned collaboration in the city of Niort, France - ex gift in kind €7342 beneficiary/volunteer subsistence/tea parties €4162 specialist external training to sustain delivery €1877 public consultation/engagement workshops €9918 equipment hire/video editing €2983 image hire, conservation, €1145 public liability insurance, full weather insurance €1933 promotion, beneficiary recruitment, marketing €3508 domain registration, website development 2792 research/dissemination

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

1. advice on impact/value of the concept as a social motivator in other European countries 2. offers of additional roll-out partnership 3. critique of the idea and suggestions for improvement



Idea created on March 8, 2016
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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