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Hate Free Cities winner


Who is behind this?

Lela Bernatova

Be International


Who is joining forces?



Youth Association DRONI


Omladinski kulturni centar Herceg Novi


4 countries are involved, but from the coordinating country - Czech republic 2 organizations participate. Last organization - Poland: Fundacja Instytut Spraw Rodziny

Idea Sketch | Proposal


Idea pitch

Hate Free Cities is a long-term project connecting 4 cities in 4 countries - Brno, Czech republic, Herceg Novi, Montenegro, Tbilisi, Georgia and Lodz, Poland to become cities without hate speech. We are bringing innovative approaches to learning, education and discussion, targeting high school students, young activists, video artists, experts and media to show that hate and discrimination do not have a place in our public discourse.

Where will your idea take place?

Brno, Czech republic, Lodz, Poland, Herceg Novi, Montenegro, Tbilisi, Georgia

Why does Europe need your idea?

During the previous year, due to the social tension, political conflicts, migration and religious fundamentalism the phenomenon of “hate speech” which covers all forms of expression which promote hatred, xenophobia and all forms of intolerance based on discrimination of minorities and people of migrant origins, became more than urgent to be combated all around Europe and in the local communities as well. We are doing this project to connect our powers and think globally and act locally.

What is your impact?

We are aiming to raise an efficiency of the local activities fighting against hate speech and hate in all its forms, especially those that are targeting young people using the experience of trained "No Hate Ambassadors". We want to develop educational activities in our cities and our countries to innovate the concept of anti-hate speech learning and implement it at the high schools and promote it also in the round tables and find common strategies with city representatives, experts and media.

How do you get there?

We are planning 6 main activities to make our cities hate free:
1. Coordination meetings (Czech rep.)
2. Roundtables > inviting local authorities, activists, artists, journalists, businessmen, schools etc. to support the endeavor of No Hate Speech Ambassadors in creating a Hate Free City
3. Hate Free Cities Video Competitions - open call > collecting short videos about hate speech and using them as learning tool during the education campaign
4. Education campaigns > workshops/debates/info sessions on No hate speech with youngsters (lecturers will have also special short training to become future No Hate Speech ambassadors - multipliers)
5. Evaluation meeting & planning future actions (Montenegro)
6. Hate Free Cities booklet - manual sharing best practices, disseminating results

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?

Our direct target group are young people - high school students who are vulnerable to take different roles in hateful expressions but also young people who want to become no hate speech activists themselves. Our indirect target group are local authorities, local media, teachers and all the community representatives who are contributing to the public discourse.

What makes your idea stand apart?

Our idea is original in introducing activities "coming from the ground" - from young people, activists who are not satisfied by the way the vulnerable groups such as minorities, refugees, migrants etc. are approached and discriminated in the public discourse. We are combining several types of activities which should involve young people - the future of our societies but also other stakeholders who can contribute to eliminating hateful expressions and discrimination in our communities.

€ 33960,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 33960,-

Total budget

Major expenses

1. Coordination meeting - Brno (Jul 2016) - 2 days - 2580 EUR 2. Roundtables with local authorities (Sep 2016) - 500 EUR/country - Total budget: 2000 EUR 3. Video competition in each country (Jun - Aug 2016) - 2280 EUR 4. Education campaign (Sep-Dec 2016) 5650 EUR/country - Total: 22.600 EUR 5. Evaluation meeting & planning future actions - Herceg Novi, Montenegro (Feb 2017) - 3 days - 3400 EUR 6. Booklet “Hate Free Cities” (March 2017) - 1100 EUR

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

It would be great to hear more ideas how different cities or initiatives address the topic of hate speech. How do you fight against intolerance and discrimination?

Project Journey

No entries yet

Why this idea?

The creators of “Hate-free Cities” envision a public discourse free of hate speech in Brno (Czech Republic), Herceg Novi (Montenegro), Tbilisi (Georgia) and Lodz (Poland). The project first teaches high school students, young activists, video artists and teachers how to recognise forms of hate speech – including xenophobic expressions and the promotion of intolerance and hatred – and then how to combat it. Putting young people at its core, the project serves as a prototype for dealing with the crucial issue of public discourse in Europe today.


Lela Bernatova

Idea created on March 8, 2016
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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