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Teens for Europe.


Who is behind this?

Regina Riegerbauer

Teens for Europe. – Let’s not let age stop young people from changing the world.


Idea Sketch | Proposal


Idea pitch

Creating actions and touching the lives of others is possible regardless of age. Children are often encouraged to dream and take action in the future when they are grown up. Why not empower them now instead? They boast creativity and optimism and lack the limits of grown-ups. This is the beginning of a movement/NGO of teens from all over Europe who want to do something about today’s challenges. Imagine TEDxTeen for a week, and then they go home and inspire their peers to join forces.

Where will your idea take place?

All of Europe.

Why does Europe need your idea?

One group of important stakeholders for the future is often discouraged: children and youth. In the aftermath of the great recession and ongoing international conflicts, Europe is struggling for coherence in its identity. We can let European kids grow up in this environment or encourage them to connect and jointly create solutions for the Europe that they want to live in. We need kids’ moral, naivety, creativity and high expectations for new ideas and renewed energy for precious action.

What is your impact?

A year from now more and more kids are finding proof that their voice and actions can make a serious difference. The participants at the Teens for Europe summit 2016 will work together on solutions and then go home and ‘recruit’ other kids setting up local groups. By bringing together teenagers from all of Europe working on common goals; Teens for Europe is becoming a powerful movement pulling more and more kids away from distractions offering real connection, recognition and finding meaning.

How do you get there?

1. Decide on appropriate location. Book for end-August 2016.
2. Invite youth speakers. See TEDxTeen, and TEDxYouth for an idea.
3. Website, marketing and make the call for applications. On-going promotion of the event and its goals.
a. Start fundraising
b. Raise awareness and find support, whether financial or that of other thought leaders
4. Select 20 (or more depending on funding) participants based on motivation letter and potential record of “initiatives to date”.
5. Plan event. Schedule, content, logistics.
6. Set up a clear outcome of the event and a plan so expectations are met.
7. Host the event
8. Follow-up and support to make sure the ball is now rolling! Take new actions for continuation and growth of movement.

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?

The criteria of the Teens for Europe participants is that they can speak English. Other than that they are European children or teenagers up to the age of 19 years old. They are the initial target, and they in turn become the action takers for whatever problem or purpose in Europe that they choose to work for. In addition they are expected to inspire further. This could have a strong ripple effect, also touching other grown-ups, starting with parents and relatives.

What makes your idea stand apart?

Surprising and unconventional: empowering children and teenagers. Youth make up 80% of the world’s population. Let’s encourage them to speak up, and invite them to take action. The world needs childish, unlimited thinking. Instead of doubting their capability, let’s show trust in their ideas and enthusiasm. Imagine this generation once they are truly grown up!
We think that youth can touch and move the masses, make people wake up and discover how much there is worth fighting for.

€ 50000,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 73290,-

Total budget

Major expenses

Personnel: 26000 EUR, Event: 36000 EUR

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

Would love to hear what others think of the idea. Any suggestions are welcome. Especially regarding program and site for the 2016 event.



Idea created on March 7, 2016
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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