Democracy and participation, Urban development

Citizens and Cities of Change


Who is behind this?

Segolene Pruvot

European Alternatives Limited

United Kingdom

Who is joining forces?

City of Naples


Krytyka Polityczna (tbc)


City of Madrid (tbc)


The project will develop with the specific partnership of cities involving in the process, as well as NGOs from throughout Europe. The project will pay specific attention to existing networks of cities (City Makers, Cities in Transition, URBACT networks) and establish collaboration with them.

Idea Sketch | Proposal


Idea pitch

If cities are governed better, they can show the way to a better Europe.
Many fruitful examples exist from Spanish citizens' led coalitions in charge of major cities to many local administrations opening up their budgets to citizens.

We will inspire a new generation of citizens’ groups, activists, local politicians and civil servants & give them tools to act.

Two key actions for long lasting cooperation: A Transnational Hackathon to collect experiences, Deep-Dive Cross Border Exchanges.

Where will your idea take place?

Several cities in Europe, one key meeting in Madrid

Why does Europe need your idea?

European Construction & Governance: The economic and financial crisis is jeopardising European Integration. It threats social cohesion. At local level it means cut-down on funding and services. Finding solutions is a key for bigger changes.
New forms of citizens’ participation: "civic coalitions" propose a renewed relationship between voters and elected, new cooperation between citizens and institutions, a new "problem solving" approach to local governance issues. All keys to democratic renewal

What is your impact?

We want to build a new repertory of action and long lasting transnational exchange.
Improve knowledge at a transnational level of new local government experiences in Southern Europe and of the innovative practices existing all over Europe.
Foster deep transnational exchange on practices.
Promote, support and facilitate civic participation and the development of innovative forms of co-operation between citizens and City Governments.
Go beyond national borders and stakeholder’s boundaries

How do you get there?

New City Governance Practices Marathon
Transnational Hackathon to build collaboratively the resource and database on innovative governance practices in cities in Europe. It is a challenge of 24 hours. Organized around local meetings in several European cities for people to discuss and input practices and online open participation.

Cities of Change Exchange and Training Programme
A participants' co-curated Transnational meeting gives citizens and local politicians from at least 10 European cities the opportunity to meet, learn, exchange. The programme favorises the spaces for co-creation.
The meeting will be followed by 2 sessions (online via videoconference) of training / discussion on practices of urban governance.
After, the network will benefit from EA's network management.

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?

The project will bridge citizens' groups, actors, local politicians. It will bring local stakeholders such as cooperatives. Existing networks such as City Makers and Cities in Transitions will be engaged in the process.
It is targeted to a group willing to engage on transnational learning and dialogue. We are looking at bringing people who will become decision makers and active community stakeholders.
We target people from throughout Europe, from South to North, from East to West.

What makes your idea stand apart?

It’s participative and empowering: co-creation, use of technologies, open source, empowerment, training, exchange and transnationalism are keys
It connects bottom-up and top-down actors: the project will bring together those who are in charge, those who are active outside city administrations and those who already blur the lines.
The project is about where we live but as a way to make the whole of Europe better. It connects the very local concerns with the European scale.

€ 50000,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 60000,-

Total budget

Major expenses

Transnational Hackathon - 10000 Meeting in Madrid - 25000 (70 participants) Coordination & communication - 10000 Fees for moderators and trainers: 5000 Online Tools & trainings - 10000



Idea created on March 7, 2016
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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