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Who is behind this?

Jochen Butt-Posnik


Who is joining forces?





Biological farm Wojciechówka 4, Anna Jurczak-Posnik


Idea Sketch | Proposal


Idea pitch

"Field of Dialogue” is a new dialogue format we want to develop to give space for learning how to live together and discussing questions like “What is the society we want to live in?” or “What Europe could be for us?”. A format accompanied by practical activities the dialogue partners do together at first. Prepared by a Summer Camp of facilitators of different ages and nationalities. Facilitating open space for dialogue between different political sides of the twisted Polish & European society.

Where will your idea take place?

Wojciechówka, Masovia Region, Poland

Why does Europe need your idea?

The state of Europe during the refugee crisis in 2015/2016 shows that the idea of the (European) society we want to live in is twisted: either we are open societies or we build fences and wires against those in need. There seem to be hardly a space for normal citizens to discuss: what is the society we want to live in? We want to create such dialogue formats, starting in Poland with its divided society after the election in 2015. And we want to start in villages, using head, hand and heart.

What is your impact?

If selected, we would have developed from sources like Theory U a new dialogue format, the “Fields of dialogue”. We would have shared the format with our partners, trained facilitators and sent our yurt on travel with the question “What is the society we want to live in?”.
We would have contributed to a peaceful way to involve citizens (especially in villages) to debate the future of the society they want to live in.
We would have created a prototype in the small village Wojciechówka.

How do you get there?

Creating a model of an Open Space for dialogue, mutual learning and European citizen’s debate in a 50sqm yurt in the small village of Wojciechówka, 70 km South of Warsaw.
Establishing a dialogue format, the “Fields of dialogue” as a combination of practical activities (working in the field, baking bread, building a clay oven etc.) and a debate of the question “What is the society we want to live in?”.
Developing discussion formats, communication tools and guidelines for dialogue facilitators which help to allow the participants of the dialogue format to listen with open heart and leave quick judgements aside.
Building unusual cooperations with local farms, agro-touristic places to host the yurt for further debate events in Poland.

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?

The multipliers we want to reach with the summer camp to prepare the dialogue formats are possible change makers in Poland, Germany, Slovenia and Spain of various ages and positions. In short: a certain type of European citizen with an interest to support societal change towards an open, more fair, more ecological, more peaceful society in a globalized and complex 21st century.
Direct target group of the dialogue formats are inhabitants, neighbours, young people especially in Polish villages.

What makes your idea stand apart?

1. We go off-road: We make small villages the centres where the new things are tried out - based on traditional and state-of-the-art sources
2. We make ourselves (and others) dirty: we believe in the power of common practical activities and include them to our dialogue format: before we discuss what society we want to live in, we first bring out some potatoes from the ground
3. We put them to the yurt: an unconventional meeting place, but in fact by its shape and spirit the ideal dialogue place

€ 39240,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 49240,-

Total budget

Major expenses

Buying a big yurt for approx. 16.000 € and seats & equipment for approx. 4.000 €. Running the intern. summer camp to develop the "Field of Dialogue": 6.700 € with 15 - 20 multipliers for 7 days, 4.000 € go for travel costs. 12.000 € are needed to let the yurt travel to local partners and run local dialogue formats. 2.000 € are extra fees and travel costs for experts we want to learn from and 4.000 € for insurances, PR and unexpected costs and approx. 1.000 € for office costs.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

We are looking for people who made experience with running dialogue formats, building clay ovens and of course, possible partners who want to use a dialogue format which connects head, hand and heart...


Idea created on March 6, 2016
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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