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Who is behind this?

Judith van der Elst



Who is joining forces?



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Idea pitch

Growing concerns about feeding the world’s growing population and health conditions are mostly directed toward developing countries. Stemming from a long tradition, Europe’s gaze has mostly been to the outside for problems and solutions.
With this project we invite non-European filmmakers to turn the gaze back, to document and comment on European land management, its farming practices and landscapes. Non-western filmmakers are invited to research and produce short documentaries, which focus on

Where will your idea take place?

rural regions in Europe

Why does Europe need your idea?

The challenges is the lack of knowledge of the importance of rural regions for European citizens face in the near future, to secure healthy food choices, clean air and water.
In the face of soil degradation, abandonment of rural lands and disappearing rural heritage we need to rebuild sustainable landscapes which requires rethinking our relations to the land and building new infrastructures for the countryside. We propose to start an intercultural dialogue between non western perspective and eur

What is your impact?

The project builds on current efforts of partners in this project to initiate new forms of collaboration focused on the land, its sensory richness, and the unknown aspects of European heritage. Partners have extensive network and expertise in proposed project and research area, film production and cultural and natural heritage, art/science crossover project design and development

How do you get there?

Building on a growing network, Meet the Stewards will provide a unique document to understand the current challenges, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses faced by European citizens. We will invite 5 non-western filmmakers from various cultural and professional backgrounds who each work with a local expert to address a specific area. While already receiving and studying much information about this area and its specific forms of land practice they will research for 10 days on the ground and prepare a concept for a short documentary film together with a professional production team we will provide. Each is produced in a 2-week framework and collectively will result in a documentary feature Meet the Stewards of 5 episodes. This will we be screened at the 5 areas and at many other places ar

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?

We are addressing in general EU citizens concern about healthy food and cultural landscapes, the people who are working with the land as well as those alienating from it to understand the way we even in our technological societies are supported by the way we manage our land.
This project will form the starting point for developing a larger platform ‘Meet the Stewards’ with various European partners to research and develop new rural infrastructures. Through this we intend to provide new opportun

What makes your idea stand apart?

Although there are documentaries on issues of land management what makes our idea different is that we want to focus on the reverse gaze: not European filmmakers looking at their own or non western land practice but invite people from very different cultures and traditions – which are usually expected to only speak about their own cultures – to look at European land management. We want to initiate the much-needed intercultural dialogue between very different experiences and uses of land we find

€ 50000,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 100000,-

Total budget

Major expenses

The production of 5 documentary research projects Travel and accommodation film teams Production and postproduction costs

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

In inviting non-european filmmakers to reflect on european uses of land we want to instigate a cultural dialogue between very different traditions and belief systems. Although the collaborators in this team have experience in the land, land practice, we invite, encourage, and appreciate others on this platform to provide feedback on other areas in Europe with unique challenges in its rural regions that may be suitable and urgent to present through this documentary series. In addition, we welcom



Idea created on March 6, 2016
Last edit on April 26, 2016

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