Arts and cultural activities, Diffusion among the young Europeans of a new entrepreneurial culture directed to the exploitation of the handicraft jobs in an innovative perspective.

Hand-Crafting Europe


Who is behind this?

Laura Ventura

Vivaio per l'Intraprendenza


Who is joining forces?

OMA - Associazione Osservatorio Mestieri d'Arte


Ateliers de Paris



United Kingdom

IED European Institute of Design, Florence, We intend to establish a European network and will involve academies, schools of craftsmanship and design in Italy, France, Uk, Sweden and the Ruhr area and in Turkey.

Idea Sketch | Proposal


Idea pitch

International pilot workshop bringing together 18 young artisans and creative designers from at least 6 European countries. Have them experiment the process of co-creation of innovative prototypes exploiting the potential of the different cultural roots of craftsmanship in an innovative perspective. International communication and dissemination of the event in real time on social networks and media. Marketing plan to value of handwork. Transferring the concept to the other countries involved.

Where will your idea take place?

Italy, France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Turkey

Why does Europe need your idea?

Unemployment in Europe, especially among youths, has become an endemic problem. The loss of jobs is due to a profound and irreversible transformation in the labour market that has not yet found a new framework, capable of communicating to the youths a new value of work and future perspectives. The economic crisis due to this transformation has triggered a process of collapse of the European Union and of the social structure of its member countries. Actions to contrast this disruption are needed.

What is your impact?

Establishing a pilot action against social disrupting in Europe. Promoting the culture of handwork and the perception of a better future perspective. 18 selected young talents will exploit the potential of creative craftwork, innovated by modern design, in a context of sharing and mutual contamination among different European countries. Experiment the international broadcasting potential and social impact of the new media to promote this concept. Replicate the concept in the partners countries.

How do you get there?

Sharing methodology and selection criteria.
Selection of 7 participants x country + short training in their country
• 3 emerging artisans/designers, in different sectors of creative craft.
• 2 secondary school/university students with a drive for new media, to observe and internationally broadcast the workshop in progress
• 2 marketing graduates, to draft a marketing plan to launch the new products/prototypes
In total 42 participants in a 5 days’ full immersion international workshop with boarding in Florence (I).
•Aim: creating multidisciplinary groups, new prototypes/products through the exchange of techniques, languages, materials, cultures, traditions, innovation.
Outputs: prototypes/products – communication plan - marketing plan
Replication by the partners in their countries.

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?

18 young artisans from 6 countries, holders of the local craft traditions and creative designers. 12 Secondary school and university students, specializing in digital communication. 12 University graduates in marketing.
Organisations promoting the dissemination of the entrepreneurial spirit and supporting craft/design SMEs development; agencies and associations providing guidance and integrating youths into the labour market.

What makes your idea stand apart?

The combination of traditional craft and art skills and handwork with the new technologies of digital and social communication.
The actual realization of innovative prototypes/products integrating different craft and art cultures and traditions.
The drafting of a concrete marketing plan for the artisans.
A co-creating international environment in which to rediscover the healing power of creativity and handwork and recover a shared vision of a future for Europe and its citizens.

€ 50000,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 60000,-

Total budget

Major expenses

The major costs of the action consists of: travel and accommodation for participants 25.000,00 EUR, workshop costs 8.000,00 EUR, public relations 6.000,00 EUR, personnel costs 15.000,00 EUR, fees and honoraries 3.500,00 EUR, office expenses 2.500,00 EUR


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Idea created on March 3, 2016
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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