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Ziębice - Münsterberg. Polish-German cross


Who is behind this?

Paulina Ros

Foundation Consensius European Centre for Mediation


Who is joining forces?

Association for the Development and Promotion of the Secondary School Complex in Ziębice


Bundesheimatgruppe Münsterberg


Idea Sketch | Proposal


Idea pitch

Anna from Ziębice (Lower Silesia) where her parents moved in 1946, has heard about cooling of PL-GER relations. She also has problems communicating with her grandson who thinks she is boring. Hans from Bielefeld, where he moved from Münsterberg (today Ziębice) in 1945 hears about poor relations with PL and growing nationalism in EU. Yesterday he talked with his granddaughter but there was not much to share. Can it all be helped? Yes, if you look into stereotypes, history and generation gap.

Where will your idea take place?

Ziębice, Ząbkowice Śląskie Province, Lower Silesia, Poland

Why does Europe need your idea?

We are working on the 1) problem of growing nationalism through making people and their descendants who lived in the same city at different periods of time (until and after 1945) meet, talk about the past and present, see what they have in common (stereotypes based on history and nationality) and 2) lack of common space for old and young people to exchange their perspectives on life and world, two national groups will consist of older and young generations. 3) Lack of communication skills.

What is your impact?

Project participants will have a better understanding of how they construct the vision of others and how stereotypes are created (connected with nation, history, age). In a year time they will have more understanding of the people who lived in this region before them, will be able to construct more independent perspectives on the issue of migration, nationalism and generational difference. Mediators and local trainers will gain more knowledge of international and intergenerational communication.

How do you get there?

We plan to use knowledge of effective/non-violent communication, challenges for youth and history of the region (Lower Silesia) gained by mediators, communication trainers and teachers to organize two sets of meetings for 20 pers. from PL (Ziębice) and GER, whose descendants left Ziębice (Munsterberg) and live in GER. We will work on understanding the impact of national, historical and generational stereotypes.
Visit 1 in 08/2016 and 2 in 02/2017 – 2 x 4 days of working together and sharing experience of 10 Poles and 10 Germans aged 14-80. Including communication workshops (in Krzyżowa/Kreisau), historical/culture workshops, sightseeing (Książ/ Fürstenstein, Church of Peace in Świdnica), common places in Ziębice & regional seminar on PL-GER relations. All supported by PL-GER interpreters.

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?

Directly (a) 10 participants of local community in Ziębice and 10 participants from Germany (to understand better Polish-German relations and share this experience with more people in their local communities, (b) local community – inhabitants of Ziębice including students of local high school, their parents and grandparents (participation in local activities), (c) regional community – regional seminar and media information, (d) mediators and teachers – gaining experience.

What makes your idea stand apart?

It is a hands-on project which addresses two major lines of division between people in Europe and allows to understand the perspective of others. There will be space for Poles and Germans but also young and older ones to understand common perspective and be able to draw conclusions on the basis of personal experience rather than external resources. The workshops will be prepared by experts on communication (mediators) and local relations (local trainers).

€ 29800,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 33400,-

Total budget

Major expenses

1) 2 events (5 day visits) in Ziębice - 9900 Euro (incl. transport, accomodation, food, venues) 2) Communication workshops - 2900 Euro (incl. creation & running of workshops) 3) Other workshops - 1200 Euro (historical, generational, arts) 4) Overheads - 7 800 Euro (incl. project management + other admin cost) 5) Promotion - 6200 Euro (incl. regional media, museum, seminar) 6) Interpretation - 1800 Euro

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

Please share all comments on what - in your opinion - are the major barriers in: 1) Polish-German relations 2) generational relations (why it is hard for older and younger people to communicate efficiently).



Idea created on March 3, 2016
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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