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Europe Is Not Dead !


Who is behind this?

Romain Seignovert

Europe Is Not Dead


Idea Sketch | Proposal


Idea pitch

Far from thinking that Europe is boring, EuropeIsNotDead assumes,
 on the opposite, that Europe is a
 land bursting with surprises. By providing a transnational perspective on the cultural expressions of the Europeans’ every-day life, EuropeIsNotdead bridges the gap between cultural diversity and European unity. The online platform has already attracted 1,500,000 visitors who enjoy its creative content in both English and French. It is now time to expand it to German…

Why does Europe need your idea?

EuropeIsNotDead aims to showcase the variety of cultural treasures, be they anecdotical or historical, as they occur nationally in the every day life of the citizens of Europe in all European countries, including countries outside the EU. This approach supports the exchange of ideas, and promote international and intercultural understanding. But there is a strong need to make its content accessible in other European languages.

What is your impact?

The articles on EuropeIsNotDead have traveled a lot, inspired press articles, have been distributed in schools and have been highly commented online. Over 200 million Europeans speak a Germanic language natively: they should be able to access this rich content directly in German!
Among key outcomes would be the use of the German content of EuropeIsNotDead in schools as well as a better circulation on all possible channels, as it has been the case in other European countries.

How do you get there?

Making EuropeIsNotDead accessible in German won't be complicated. The funds provided by Advocate Europe would be used to remunerate German translators to adapt the existing content into the language of Goethe ! Acknowledgment of the support of Stiftung Mercator for the translation of articles in German will be reported at the end of each article.

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?

Beyond Internet users, the content of EuropeIsNotDead has already been used in schools in Portugal, France, Ireland and Italy ! It has been adapted into games, radio programmes and books... We would love to make it accessible to German and Austrian pupils as well!

What makes your idea stand apart?

As surprising as it might seem, a compilation of Europeans' writers, philosophers, movies, superstitions, drinking songs, untranslatable words, christmas carols, creatures and monsters, tongue twisters, new year's traditions, nursery rhymes, fairy tales... has NEVER been done before! Shouldn't it be the basics for a growing transnational European society based on mutual understanding?

€ 25000,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 25000,-

Total budget

Major expenses

Expenses will be devoted only to the translation of the content available on EuropeIsNotDead into German. EuropeIsNotDead only operates with the public interest in mind and for non-profit purposes.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

Your enthusiasm to change Europe!



Idea created on Feb. 29, 2016
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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