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Support Russian LGBTI teens to be accepted in …


Who is behind this?

Mikhail Tumasov

Charitable foundation Sphera on behalf of project Illuminator


Idea Sketch | Proposal


Idea pitch

In Russia, situation of LGBTI teens is aggravated by negative media background, especially after adoption of antigay law. We aim to increase number of well-informed parents to accept their children as LGBTI, to form mutual support community of parents and dissemination of data and information about special aspects of LGBTI-teenagers, to increase number of affirmative professionals working with LGBTI teenagers, to incite wider media coverage for LGBT teenagers and their relations with parents.

Where will your idea take place?


Why does Europe need your idea?

It is difficult for the LGBTI teenagers’ parents to accept and support their children as they are. The hindrance to understanding relations often occurs because of the lack of balanced and adequate information about LGBTI, and this breeds fears and prejudices. In Russia, the situation is aggravated by the negative media background, especially after adoption of the punitive legislation targeting ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations among under-aged’

What is your impact?

To increase number of parents who informed about LGBTI in a balanced and adequate way, and who are thus helped to accept their children as homosexuals, bisexuals or transgender. To form community of parents interested in experience exchange, mutual support, and dissemination of data and information about special aspects of LGBTI-teens. To increase number of affirmative teachers and psychologists working with LGBT teens. To incite wider media coverage for LGBT teenss and their families.

How do you get there?

1. Production and technical support of informational website.
2. Producing unique textual and visual content for the website (text blocks, series of educational animation videos, video interviews with experts in psychology, psychiatry, physiology, sociology, and sexology about sexual and gender identity, stories of the LGBT teenagers’ parents, coming-out-memories, interviews with celebrities
3. Developing chat interface for anonymous advising sessions with LGBT teenagers’ parents hosted by psychologists.
4. Assembling list of partner websources and professional organizations and specialists for LGBT teenagers’ parents to address their further and/or particular enquiries.
5. Providing target groups with all necessary information about this website and motivating them to visit and use

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?

● Parents of LGBT teenagers
● Adult relatives of LGBT teenagers
● Teachers and psychologists working with teenagers

What makes your idea stand apart?

This website is aimed at adults who are only beginning to be aware of LGBT topics.We utilize a cross-media format, combining interviews, animation, text, infographics, and documentary, to widen the angle for observing the problem, and making it comprehensible for the audience.The website will provide an online directory of professional organizations and specialists advising and supporting parents and other relations of LGBT teenagers.

€ 49226,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 78914,-

Total budget

Major expenses

Personnel: 18 120 eur Honoraria for outsourcing specialists: 18 850 eur Rent, materials: 7 645 eur Administrative cost, taxes: 4 611 eur

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

We would love to know as much as possible about similar projects and initiatives, and thus improve our own.


Mikhail Tumasov

Idea created on Feb. 20, 2016
Last edit on April 26, 2016

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