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Who is behind this?

Sandrina Burkhardt

MonkeyTree.Community - the impact toolkit that is leading people from thought to change


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Idea pitch

MonkeyTree.Community is an online crowdsourcing platform that aims to provide individuals with an ‘impact-toolkit’ to create the change that they want to see in their local community. MonkeyTree creatively translates global challenges into local initiatives by bringing people together - not just with each other but also with already established NGOs and Social Initiatives. (for more detailed information of what the 'impact toolkit entails, just drop us a message :) )

Where will your idea take place?

Maastricht; The Netherlands (pilot) - before moving to other European cities

Why does Europe need your idea?

Political, social & environmental issues today are more transnational than ever while people are intensively focusing on the things that are truly relevant within their immediate environment - hence, abstract challenges often seem intangible and overwhelming while global issues remain for others to solve. Yet, ‘global’ means just zooming out on ‘local’.With the power of local bottom-up projects thought up by the everyday mind global change is possible & abstract issues become tangible solutions.

What is your impact?

The MonkeyTree.Community has been designed to provide an 'impact toolkit' that people need to get from an encountered challenge to a specific project - creating a change-maker community that unites in their common vision, no matter from which cultural background. To do so, we aim to create a platform that is able to inspire, connect and facilitate the rise of bottom-up initiatives – creating a global spillover effect that unites people across borders.

How do you get there?

In order to develop this impact community it is not just essential to provide an online platform but also to empower people offline. This we do by giving regular change-maker workshops on different themes, by sharing stories of fellow local change-makers, and by organising not just educational but also entertaining events such as the Re:evolution Festival (which was held for the first time in October 2015 in Maastricht). While the online platform offers flexibility and overview, an offline community provides direct relationships. Here we aim to partner up with local organisations. For now we are working on the first ‘pilot’ in Maastricht (The Netherlands) in order to have a best practice that is able to inspire and provide a handbook for other European cities to join.

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?

MonkeyTree is for people whose ‘public fridge’ initiative faded away because of legal issues - people who want to promote more sustainable shopping behaviour via a mobile app but lack technical skills - people who encounter challenges on a daily basis but would never have the time to truly initiate them – people who are new in town and would like to get involved in local projects but just do not know where to find them ... For people who just wait for the right toolkit to make an visible impact.

What makes your idea stand apart?

The MonkeyTree.Community is aiming to be a transnational network bringing together experts, initiators, supporters, NGOs and businesses from all over Europe and beyond. Moreover, projects on the platform can easily be copied and pasted from one spot to the other, between cities and between countries. Our strong-suit is that we focus on collaboration across borders, on equality and financial redistribution - providing a transnational solution to local change.

€ 30000,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 30000,-

Total budget

Major expenses

The main amount of the fund will go into the development of the online platform (technical utilities, personals costs for the developer and designer) as well as support for the local change-maker facilitators within and beyond our ‘home-base’ in Maastricht. // Website Development 12000 // Offline Community Development 9500 // Promotion 3000 // Travel Expenses 4000 // Volunteer Gifts 1500 //

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

How do you believe MonkeyTree.Community could make a difference? What problem would you like the community to be able to solve when it comes to providing you a ‘impact toolkit’ Where are the challenges that we might face in your opinion? Who do we need to overcome them? When would you use MonkeyTree?



Idea created on Feb. 9, 2016
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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