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Performing beyond performance


Who is behind this?

Miguel Angel Crozzoli

Performing beyond performance


Who is joining forces?

The Settlement Association of Häme


We are actually in the process of arranging partnerships in Berlin and Helsinki.

Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

The performance process can be an integrating and cooperative activity when it comes to create using improvisation.
The idea is to develop workshops of 3 days, where the activity involves sharing the own cultural identity to develop cohesion, aiming to create a body work using music and writing as main tools.
The target group would be migrants and locals in cities where integration is notoriously difficult. After 2 days of activities a 3rd day is used to make a public performance in the city.

Where will your idea take place?

Berlin, Germany
Hämeenlinna, Finland
Helsinki, Finland

Why does Europe need your idea?

Our proposal aims to create a bridge between diverse cultural aspects, to live in harmony under one single reality.
Migration is an opportunity to collide and learn from different realities, in constant evolve among each other, driven by a performative happening that empowers a strong ideal.

What is your impact?

By taking action a new creative landscape will be created. People will connect under a different light between each other, were knowledge and a deeper understanding of identities will extend boundaries of inclusion.
These happenings will continue by cohesive groups of cultural actors.

How do you get there?

The first stage will be to focus on analyzing the needs of the city and the target group.
Using skills developed in previous experiences with organizations based in Latin America and Europe we create tailored workshops approaching critical thought processes using our profession as musicians and educators.
After we create the framework we encourage participants to get deep into the knowledge process in a cooperative environment for cultural exchange and collective creation.

What is your story?

We work for integration and tolerance, where knowledge through action makes body and mind become one, overcoming differences on the collective.
Growing in a polycultural space taught us that social relations with comprehension and curiosity build a better place as we are always related to emotions.

Who are you doing it for?

We aim to work with new comings into a city, where the need of adaptation becomes the focus for their life, but as well, to work with the people already living on that place.
A cohesion between both groups seeks to adapt old values from both parts into acceptance and new ways of perceiving reality.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

Any feedback is welcome, especially regarding sustainability and connection within Europe for this kind of ideas. We can always learn from a different point of view!



Idea created on Jan. 12, 2018

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