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Who is behind this?

Julia Schriffl

Bureau fuer Selbstorganisierung


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Idea pitch

A growing number of people take action in order to fight for social justice – democratically, in solidarity, and with emancipatory intent. Many of them have successfully brought about change. Yet many were not able to reach their goals - often due to a lack of skills in organising. Our idea implies supporting grassroots initiatives and social movements by providing an affordable 10-module training-programme that tackles a wide range of aspects of self-organising.

Where will your idea take place?

Vienna, Austria - Programme accessible for anybody who is interested, there is no local restriction

Why does Europe need your idea?

We live in times of social upheaval. Capitalism is in a multifaceted crisis. That makes grassroots initiatives more important than ever. More and more people start working together. Our programme "Organise for Change" aims at strengthening these alliances for social justice and thereby democracy.

What is your impact?

By autumn 2019, ~100 people will have participated in our modular training-programme. This will allow them to (better) implement their ideas of social change & transformation with increased impact. A further key aspect: to facilitate networking among participants and cross-fertilization of ideas.

How do you get there?

We are raising funds for the costs of the training program so that people engaged in projects for social justice are able to access it. Also we are also developing details of the training modules. Starting in April we will promote the program within social movements, civil society organisations, local bottom up initiatives via social media, flyers etc. using our existing networks. Further we will organise public events on experiences of self-organisation in Austria and the EU.

What is your story?

My project partners and I have worked in different initiatives and NGOs. We all are engaged in struggles for social justice and Democracy for many years. But the social, ecological and democratic challenges we face today need more people to become active. We want to mobilise people and empower them.

Who are you doing it for?

People who are already part or want to become part of self-organised initiatives or movements that promote initiatives that help to advance social justice, socio-ecological transformations and that are based on solidarity and care for each other.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

any ;-)


bureau fuer selbstorganisierung

Sandra Stern

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Idea created on Jan. 14, 2018
Last edit on Jan. 16, 2018

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