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NOA - Europes Hotbed for 21st Century Fools


Who is behind this?

Ana-Svenja Kiesewalter

Attic Theatre

United Kingdom

Who is joining forces?

Hoftheater Kreuzberg


Art Bio


Cardboard Citizens

United Kingdom

We´re linked to organizations and people in each of the 10 stations. For instance in Bosnia with the Peace House in Kozarac and the People around the annual Peace Conference "Through Heart to Peace".

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Idea pitch

Based on a unique method to open the imagination called “Fooling”, developed by JK over the last 40 years, the NOA merges an existing, diverse European Fooling community by a structure of exchange, coaching & performing. Guided by JK and professional Fools, NOA`s Students will be facilitating, travelling &performing all over Europe. In each place, the NOA-Workshops & Performances will be open to local people. The NOA is for all wishing to reclaim their creativity as the base of empowerment.

Where will your idea take place?

Berlin Witten Wilhelmsdorf D Pezenas FR Dublin IRL Bristol London UK Stockholm SE Koserac BA Riga LV

Why does Europe need your idea?

Only visions arising from a strong inner World are able to create a vivid European democracy. Our education system doesn't focus on that. The NOA does entirely. It is a space to practice perpetually how to get out of the audience, claim the stage, see clearly and be creative. Create - or be created!

What is your impact?

NOA will be a perpetual institution, free of charge. The students contribute ‘in kind’, organising and promoting workshops & performances. Local people that join the NOA for a workshop will be invited to travel as part of the NOA in the next year, fundamentally enabling students to become teachers.

How do you get there?

JK has taught thousands of people across Europe, and has strong networks within a huge community built over the last 40 years. We will work in places where he is most revered over the year, and enable a group of people that already know the work to become the first students of NOA. Future teachers are former students. This complex in depth work is based on improvisation and navigation between the inner and outer Worlds, and will be the start of their journey in the NOA as the foundation year.

What is your story?

In my work as a theatre educator I organize theatre Projects for socially disadvantaged young people in Berlin. Within 9 years we enabled free access to theatre work for 3164 young people. Creative expression I regard as a human fundamental right. Fooling is my source of inspiration.

Who are you doing it for?

Artistically orientated people, young people “doing Europe” in a different way, people that want to improve their impact on people such as teachers, therapists or politicians. NOA´s Performances will be in theatres & other community spaces such as schools, universities, parliaments & town halls.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

Inspiring questions, good advice and any kind of cooperation requests are very welcome!


Neuropes Fools



Joe Volk

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