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#LIsten, Speak, Act. Young Democrats take over


Who is behind this?

Aristi Tzoni

YMCA Thessaloniki


Who is joining forces?

YMCA Thessaloniki




Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

Bringing together youth from different social backrounds to interract in a close and productive working relationship groups. 10 young people (refugees and locals from Thessaloniki) and 10 from Cologne wil produce a media campaign about the youths' ideas and experience on Democracy in Europe and their suggestions for the future. Mixed groups of 5-6 youths will be trained from professionals to manage media through an inspirational Democratic method, to ensure their beneficial involvment.

Where will your idea take place?

1st Phase: Cologne and Bochum- Germany
2nd Phase: Thessaloniki-Greece

Why does Europe need your idea?

By supporting the general public's awareness on issues of democratic practices and political reform in two countries using the fresh youth approach towards typical media approach. The goal is to promote cooperation by evolving and implementing a common multilingual approach.

What is your impact?

To create a vivid youth open-minded network who will manage to tranfer knowledge to a wider mass of people through the media campaign. Each one will benefit from shared experiences to become better equiped to respond to new challenges in todays changing societies.

How do you get there?

Listen, Speak, Act:Fist, a carefull selection of people with Democratic awareness, vision and knowledge. The intention is to introduce, through international seminars,workshops and practical experience a media campaign based on cultural issues in order to prevent ethnic prejudice and social discrimination and promote the Democratic European values. After that, the youth have to produce and manage the campaign to maintain the maximum number of audience and to increase the audience's involvement.

What is your story?

I believe in Democracy, young people taking action and volunteering. Because of my possition in the YMCA, i see that young volunteers through Democratic values can become more efficient members of society with a possitive inspirational impact to the others.

Who are you doing it for?

Target Group: European Citizens 18-25 years
stakeholders: local tv and radio stations, vocal trainers, journalists, univercity
benefiviaries: young YMCA volunteers, and equivalent young volunteers from Cologne
Audience: European CItizens( especially Greeks and Germans) from all ages

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

We would appreciate to listen to any impovements or suggestions, due to the others' experience. This is a way to collaborate. We are open to new projects and collaborations, especially for social empowerment, young training, volunteers and solidarity issues.



Jutta Lauth Bacas

Idea created on Jan. 19, 2018

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