Let's teach "Europe-ism"


Who is behind this?

Franceska Korance




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Idea pitch

Lets teach to Balkan the Europe-ism. Balkan needs more than ever the Europe influence. How can we merge the European values to Balkan? And what can Europe lean from Balkans? How does youth change the cohesion of the future generations? How can this project make that happen?

Where will your idea take place?

Tirana, Albania, Dortmund, Germany, Skopje, Macedonia

Why does Europe need your idea?

To maximize its impact in the region, and to show that its example could provide sustainable development in it.

What is your impact?

The central idea and motivation of this project is to understand that there are more things that unite us rather than dividing, and therefore such organizations are operating in various sectors, to make this more concrete to be seen. And afterwards this project will be such that these organizations after the project can interact in all these areas that together, and to make regional movement and then international.

How do you get there?

The first phase of the project will consist of a training, meeting of representatives of organizations from the Balkans with the Ruhr, in a way to understand and take appropriate experience and directly, and learn how they have overcome and still overcomes such difficulties that the Balkans is experiencing today. In this example, representatives return to their countries, train volunteers and their members, to return in the second phase of the project. In the second phase, organizations from Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia and representatives from the Ruhr region, will be placed in Tirana. By analogy, this process will be rotating the other Balkan countries involved in the project. The third and last, will be meeting in the Ruhr, where will issues be presented in detail for each country

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Who are you doing it for?


What makes your idea stand apart?


€ 49184,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 49184,-

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Idea created on April 14, 2015
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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