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Let´s Go Viral!


Who is behind this?

Sophie Kortenbruck

Lets´s Go Viral


Who is joining forces?

Berliner Aids-Hilfe e.V.




Berliner AIDS-Hilfe e.V. supports the project and offers technical expertise on type and quality of the information provided. Youvo will advise on identifying technical partners in social media.

Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

Sexual health affects everyone. However, young people - especially in Germany - have little access to engaging information online. This is a missed opportunity to prevent harm, fear and social exclusion. We create a fun and interactive social media campaign that engages young people on this issue. Design thinking, participatory content creation and data analytics techniques ensure we go viral. We reduce shame and stigma and empower young people to live their sexuality responsibly.

Where will your idea take place?

The campaign is online-based, with additional "offline" awareness activities in Berlin and Scotland.

Why does Europe need your idea?

Democracy requires difficult issues to be addressed openly. Shame and stigma around sexual health create many barriers, to individual health, inclusion and participation. What if we gave this topic a new stage? Social media offers a channel through which to overcome some of these barriers.

What is your impact?

Our interactive social media campaign engages young people in a creative and unconventional manner on the issue of sexual health. We deliver high quality, actionable information and create a supportive online community. Material created will be available to the public and to educators and parents.

How do you get there?

(1) Identification of core messaging and framework in consultation with experts and service-users. (2) Use of a design-thinking and participatory approach to plan the campaign together with youth groups in Berlin and Glasgow during offline events. (3) Production of content based on output, then launch and marketing. (4) Analysis of direct and indirect user feedback, also by means of fine-grained web analytics. (5) User-oriented production of additional content to further engage viewers.

What is your story?

The unexpected HIV diagnosis of a friend led us to wonder why taking care of your body is hyped on social media, wheras taking care of your genitals is not. Smart young people put themselves at risk of infection or unjustifiably discriminate against people affected by disease. This needs to change.

Who are you doing it for?

We want to work with and for German and/or English speaking people (16 – 26 years) of all genders and sexual orientations incl. those living with a sexually transmitted disease. Sexual health educators, youth workers and stakeholders are encouraged to use our materials, of course!

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

We´d love your feedback! Please tell us about -relevant initiatives in Germany/UK -ideas, networks and potential partners for content creation -platforms for youth engagement around sex. health -any random bits that you love or find interesting or aspects to consider -why its interesting to you



Idea created on Jan. 18, 2018
Last edit on Jan. 19, 2018

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