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Taking Control Of Labor


Who is behind this?

Tanja Sokolnykova

Who is joining forces?



10:90 Studio


Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

Labor strongly influences our way of living, thinking and acting. In a series of performative workshops, an exhibition and a forum we adress the problem of devaluation of labor and high unemployment,causing emigration, intellectual/physical obedience as well civic passivity around Europe through the case of Moldova, where this problem is most acute today.Dialog on forms and value of work today as well its free choice is crucial today in Moldova as it undergoes strong transformational processes.

Where will your idea take place?

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Why does Europe need your idea?

We increase more understanding of democratic structures of labor as a way to European integration and rethink labor in relation to gender, education, emigration and civic engagement as a form of collective work, so that the generated ideas can be transferred to other European countries in transition

What is your impact?

We strengthen more collaboration between communities, local and international professionals. We generate more awareness and responsibility (specially) of youth for their future working practice. We foster learning, participation, inclusion, creativity and critical thinking through the prism of arts

How do you get there?

Recruitment of local youth, theater and choir groups for a series of creative workshops, where we perform and reflect together various working practices, using photography as supportive visual material
Results will be shown in the form of exhibition that should take place in different venues
Guided tours and creative dialogs with local schools in the exhibition
Forum of screenings, lectures and discussions on problems and potentialities of labor with different experts and communities

What is your story?

Moldova is a Lab of Europe, a reflection of many European countries in transition that suffer from high unemployment and emigration as a result. But here is this problem most acute. People need to take control of the working structures in order to grow as a free democratic self-empowered society

Who are you doing it for?

This topic is speaking to and with a voice of different individuals and groups, both young generation of people who still did not step on the working path, but will be actors of social change in the future,and those who are involved in different labor forms and can improve present with their work.


Tanja SoVa

Volker Kreidler

Idea created on Jan. 11, 2018
Last edit on Jan. 17, 2018

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