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Social Collaboration Tools for Eastern Partnership


Who is behind this?

Sos Khachikyan

Regional Research Institute of Social-Economic Policy NGO


Who is joining forces?

Development Solutions Institute Foundation


Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

The project idea is to establish a social movement initiative and innovative campaign between 5 new Consolidated Municipalities (CM) of Armenia and 5 CM in Germany/Europe on Eastern Partnership values. Establishment of social collaboration tools and partnership through innovative solutions is the project goal. As CEPA between Armenia and EU was signed in November 2017, global democracy shaping Eastern Partnership values is a core subject of (1) civic partnership and (2) public engagement.

Where will your idea take place?

Armenia (5 new consolidated municipalities), Germany/Europe (5 municipalities).

Why does Europe need your idea?

The European neighborhood policy (ENP) and Eastern Partnership (EP) tend to share European democratic values. The lack of social collaboration between Armenia and Germany/Europe causes investment issues in democracy. Germ/Europ experience on social innovative movements could promote the solution.

What is your impact?

Between 5 CMs of Armenia (about 4% of all CMs) and 5 CMs of Germ/Europ will be established cooperation where 1.citizens will be a)empowered with new innovative tools on partnership, b)enriched with ENP and EP partnership values, and 2.Project 10 CMs will have cognitive solutions on cooperation.

How do you get there?

A digital social movement campaign (SMC) will be organized between project 10 CM through innovative 1)partnership and 2)engagement tools, including (a)animated films and info-graphics on ENP, EP and project 10 CMs (b)smart app to engage society (especially youth, women and social entrepreneurs), and (c) 10 CMs content-rich GIS maps for info-visualization. Visualization, innovative tools, know-how and cognitive solutions will be project main products and will provide cross-borders-information.

What is your story?

(1)Anxieties of collaboration and info lack in local levels on ENP and EP: concern about whether the core local institutions are able to provide public engagement on cooperation and sharing different values. (2)Strengthening our CSO with innovative activities and German/European partnership.

Who are you doing it for?

The citizens of 10 project CM are target groups. Especially youth and women, who are not actively involved in Arm-Germ-Eur partnership and collaboration in local levels and don’t have content-rich source of information on social, economic and cultural aspects.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

To improve the project with the components of visualization and content-rich cognitive solutions, citizen communication, social movements, and dissemination of European values.


Sos Khachikyan

Armen Meliqyan

Arsen Karapetyan

Nelly Grig

Mariam Mazhinyan

Arthur Dolmajian

Idea created on Dec. 18, 2017
Last edit on Jan. 13, 2018

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