Democracy and participation, Gender equality and diversity

Improving Diversity in Policy Debates


Who is behind this?

Juliane Schmidt

The Brussels Binder


Who is joining forces?



FTI Consulting


Allen & Overy


Think Tank Partners: Bruegel, Carnegie Europe, CEPS, CER, Egmont, Elcano Royal Institute, ECDPM, ECIPE, EPC, Friends of Europe, GMF, Global Relations Forum, Lisbon Council, OSEPI, and SWP

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Idea pitch

We need more women with voice and power. We want them to participate in shaping our lives and inspiring future generations. The Brussels Binder is thus for conference organisers and media outlets aiming to include expert female voices in their policy debates. The Brussels Binder is a common good – a free database consisting of profiles of female experts based in Europe. It covers a multitude of sectors and it is constantly growing. Finally, it is a place where women experts connect and exchange.

Where will your idea take place?

Brussels, Belgium

Why does Europe need your idea?

Women and female experts are significantly underrepresented in public, decision-making and influencing, which represents a major challenge for democracy. The Brussels Binder seeks to broaden the democratic debate in and about Europe, and to help women to take the stage and make their voice be heard.

What is your impact?

By next year, we hope our database will be a go-to tool for panel and event organisers to identify skilled and experienced women. This will contribute to better, more diverse and more democratic public debates, leading to an increasing number of women who take centre-stage.

How do you get there?

Our approach is innovative by offering a publicly & easily available database of female experts & speakers; and is driven by a network of female experts from a diversity of backgrounds and organisations. To gain traction, we aim to lead by example, to attract high-level ambassadors & supporters in European institutions, raise awareness on social media, set up partnerships with like-minded groups & organise targeted events to raise awareness and increase involvement, in Brussels and beyond.

What is your story?

The initiative is driven by a group of dedicated women that have personally faced and observed a lack of women’s representation and inclusion in policy debates and public events in our professional and private lives. This provides a strong personal connection and commitment to the initiative.

Who are you doing it for?

Our target groups as well as audiences are European policy-makers, citizens and civil society organisations in Brussels and across Europe. Our stakeholders are think tanks, private partners and public institutions who share our commitment. And of course, for the women whose voices we aim to amplify

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

We are always interested in improving, especially in terms of our fundraising, outreach and how we can motivate people to support our idea and get committed. We are also interested in potential partners (private or public) and to build synergies with like-minded organisations.


The Brussels Binder

Sophie Desmidt

Idea created on Jan. 14, 2018
Last edit on Jan. 16, 2018

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