Democracy and participation, Education, Advocacy: Paediatric patients take care of themselves, stating their right to be informed through the most adequate language and means, and providing voice to their opinions.

No fear in hospital with a healthy dose of game


Who is behind this?

Donato Bonifazi

Consorzio per Valutazioni Biologiche e Farmacologiche (CVBF)


Who is joining forces?



Clinical Psychology Unit-Pediatric Hospital “Giovanni XXIII” Bari


CVBF and the Clinical Psychology Unit have promoted the set-up of the first Italian Young Persons Advisory Group (YPAGs) with the aim to provide a voice for children and families in healthcare.

Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

The project aims to empower young patients facing hospital stay as active participants in the caring process by engaging them in a serious game. Powered by a mobile app, the game will help patients experience deliberation – by enhancing the dialogue with healthcare professionals and policy makers. Patients will be supported by Young Persons Advisory Groups (YPAGs), to gear the game towards relationship building, self-confidence and mutual support – while contributing to effective care.

Where will your idea take place?

Development in the Apulian paediatric hospitals, Italy. Dissemination in EU and non-EU countries.

Why does Europe need your idea?

According to the Chart of the rights of the child in the hospital, our project aims to provide children and families with critical tools to make decisions regarding their health, influence state regulations and educate people about the importance of children’s involvement and self-determination.

What is your impact?

The successful outcome is that hospitalised children, that have tested the mobile app, will have acquired the sufficient knowledge to be able to engage with their healthcare providers and improve the psychological and emotional quality of their permanency in the hospital.

How do you get there?

Within the KIDS Bari and with the support of a multidisciplinary team of experts, we’ll design and develop a mobile app addressed to the young patients. Comprehensibility and psychological/emotional effectiveness of the game will be tested by a target group in collaboration with PSYKOLAB which will collect data through questionnaires and interviews; statistical and lexicometric analyses will offer useful insights to guide the development of this innovative app.

What is your story?

CVBF has been concerned with the concept of empowerment and advocacy for a long time, in particular in paediatric field. To this aim, age-tailored information materials have been developed in the framework of many EU projects. Moreover, CVBF has promoted the creation of the first Italian YPAG.

Who are you doing it for?

The project is addressed to young patients and their families. Moreover, the physicians can take advantage of this process of patient empowerment, as it can promote the effective dialogue and the collaboration with the medical personnel, raising the adequacy of exams and care.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

We would like to receive feedbacks on how to reach the target users and proposals of further ways to customise the mobile app according to the audience’s real needs and expectations.




Idea created on Jan. 18, 2018
Last edit on Jan. 18, 2018

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