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Who is behind this?

Natalia Skoczylas



Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

A very first bio hacklab in Lublin, as a result of cooperation between activists and specialists from all over Europe, a place that can shift the peripheral status, unemployment, underdevelopment of this academic center. I would like to stress educational, citizen and media/informational aspects of such a space - which aims at opening science to regular people through the creation of an infrastructure that is egalitarian, starting of a platform for learning, documenting and media production.

Where will your idea take place?

it will be both a physical space and a platform online, connecting the lab to the rest of the world

Why does Europe need your idea?

I believe laboratories built by international collaborations, initiated by a local community and with a strong grassroots backbone, where the deep understanding of the local context and needs intertwines with the access to world-class talents, will become a powerful space for education.

What is your impact?

an operating laboratory with connections to the European scene, lively community, bigger interest of women and underprivileged youth in science and ideas for economic stability of the space and some of its users due to the existence of the lab

How do you get there?

- Build a team, comprising of local activists, students, community members, artists
- find a space, ideally in a community center or a local cultural center
- bring specialists from Europe to train and explain how to run a lab, help us assemble equipment
- create a platform where we will document and share results of our work
- through a series of events build a community around the space and find key projects that accelerate its work
It'll be the very first laboratory like this in Poland

What is your story?

on the east side of Vistula Poland is left underdeveloped, troubled with economic shortages, lack of work, even in big academic cities, where xenophobia, nationalism, intolerance, and populism spread very easily. I want to tackle it by democratizing science and creating a community space.

Who are you doing it for?

Women, LGBTQA groups, migrants, youth, students, activists, elderly people - those who live and will stay in Lublin, those who would prefer to stay but don't know how and what to do, those who need an interesting space to create and be proud of



Idea created on Jan. 16, 2018

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