Democracy and participation, Social inclusion

Freedom of Expression


Who is behind this?

Garen Keuchkarian

Global Playground e.V


Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

"ID EA" online platform will decentralize democracy and bridge/widen the existing systems towards liquid ,direct, representative, parliamentary, participatory mixture - without creating chaos.
'ID EA 1.0' offer Europeans to vote (federal or state) individual topics from the election programs of different parties and independent publishers.
'2.0' will add other European countries election programs beside your state or federal election programs to be voted in case you favor it.
'3.0' & '4.0'...

Where will your idea take place?

Online. First test maybe : Bayern state elections 2018 BBB, Bayern, Beer & Blockchain

Why does Europe need your idea?

Democracy is “freedom of expression” & Europe is the conclusion. 'ID EA' will encourage these facts, serve as an information and results for the content of the existing election programs regardless of which political party or publisher.
'ID EA' aka Ideas are the forcast of Democracy.

What is your impact?

In the fast-changing technical and global world, citizens want to have flexible choices. “ID EA” will support elections to become part of peoples online lifestyle and find ways to assure the voter anonymity and safe from hacking and manipulation.

How do you get there?

Method:"Doing by Doing"
-Team up : programmers, designers, think tanks, white hat hacker communities, partners and unicorns.
-Shape the online platform with the team.
-Communicate and advertise the core idea.
-Collect election programs from next federal or state elections, Germany.
-Test the online platform.
-Publish"ID EA” (Web, App) as a content-based voting platform.
-Add new/next election programs from coming elections in Germany.

After 1.0 version - Work on version 2.0 , 3.0 & 4.0

What is your story?

"Express Myself". I want to have the chance to nominate and vote online, different election programs from different parties or indipendent publishers with unicorn feelings. Yes, "online and safe" are the challenge of near future!

Who are you doing it for?

“ID EA” will target people that want to vote online and are interested in different election programs from different parties or publishers. In short explained , to give people a chance to connect regional and international with ideas, projects, goals and movements of existing programs.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

"Process" is the motto, we are open to all kinds of suggestions from "Advocate Europe" and other supporters.



Idea created on Nov. 29, 2017
Last edit on Jan. 18, 2018

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