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Fearless Cities Warsaw summit


Who is behind this?

Szymon Wroblewski

Stowarzyszenie MIASTO JEST NASZE


Who is joining forces?

Barcelona en Comu


Zagreb je NAŠ


Miasto Wspólne - Krakow


Together with other municipal movements from EU and Poland we would like to organize summit in Warsaw titled FEARLESS CITIES WARSAW to talk about future of cities as places to live for everyone

Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

In Poland we are the inhabitants of very specific cities, recently transformed from central planning to free market environment. This is why our role in redefining the urban space and improving the quality of life in our cities is in our vital for us. We would like to meet with people from Poland and Europe in Warsaw to discus different ideas for urbanization that are big chalanging us while years of economic growth.

Where will your idea take place?

Warsaw -the capital of Poland- vibrant place that is suffering 'case of air polution and corruption

Why does Europe need your idea?

Urban movements (polish ruchy miejskie) are growing manifestation of new idea for local democracy and politics in frame of local elections. Poland is one of the areas where this growth is visable. We want to meet in one place to share ideas and welcome people that want to join us.

What is your impact?

We would like to sign agreement about subjects that are substancial for urban movmenets. Also, while this summit, we would like to send clear message about our credo for people that would like to establish their local movements.

How do you get there?

We would like to meet for workshops with people from other cities of Europe and share their knowladge and experiance. Also, we would like to teach beginers how to use social media to build powerful tool of comunication on local level (as our organisation did via Facebook). By exchanging idea we would like to show that some problems are solvable and there are good examples for it. The lectures will be recorded and could be used later as toolguides for other people.

What is your story?

This meeting will be great moment of recognition for urban movements in Poland. By organizing this summit and by international guests we would like to point attention of media and public opinion to problems of polish cities. Many of them (like high air polution) were solved in other countries.

Who are you doing it for?

Our group is people of every age and gender and etnicity that lives in a city and would like to be part of decision making proces. By sharing ideas and good examples we will build source of knowladge that will be used later by each attended. By showing bad examples we could learn what not to do.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

Would you like to learn more about ideas for cities in Europe? You know what we could do to live better and cohabit better in europeans cities? Come over to Warsaw and join us for the summit that will bring together people having ideas and experience that you would like to get!



Idea created on Jan. 19, 2018

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