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Who is behind this?

Matilda Flemming

UNOY Peacebuilders


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Idea pitch

The positive role that youth can play in building peace, transforming conflict and countering violent extremism, needs to be recognized.European policy makers need to move towards a vision of youth as peacebuilders - not as troublemakers or victims of conflict.

Where will your idea take place?

The Hague, the Netherlands, Brussels, Belgium, Strasbourg, France

Why does Europe need your idea?

Direct violent conflict between states is currently on-going in some regions of Europe, while tensions remain in other parts. Other European regions recently emerged from long periods of violent conflict. We have also seen direct violence in countries previously seen as peaceful. The rise of religious extremism as well as nationalism in countries such as France, Denmark and the Netherlands in recent years is a visible example of this. In many of these cases, young people have been at the front line, portrayed in the media and seen by policy makers as either perpetrators or victims. We need to make sure policy makers know that young people are actively building peace and transforming conflicts away from violence across Europe.

What is your impact?

At the end of this project we will have built the capacity of 15 European youth peacebuilding organizations to advocate for the role of young people in peacebuilding and CVE; we will have created an accountable advocacy strategy and team of youth advocates for the positive role of youth in peacebuilding and CVE in Europe; we will have gathered and disseminated the voices of young people in Europe on issues of peace and security to ensure their voices are heard by policy makers on issues of peacebuilding and CVE; we will have worked to ensure that 30 key European policy makers understands the positive role young people have in peacebuilding and CVE and we will have facilitated for in-depth exchange on the role of youth in peacebuilding and CVE among European Young Peacebuilders.

How do you get there?

An advocacy training build the advocacy skills od young peacebuilders (February 2016).
The creations of the European Youth Advocacy Team (E-YAT) by training participants. The E-YAT will work actively online (March 2016).
Online campaign to reach out to young people (April 2016), to gather young peacebuilders voices so that the E-YAT can pass them on to policy makers.
Advocacy missions to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg (June 2016) and to EU institutions in Brussels (September 2016) to meet with relevant policy makers on peacebuilding and CVE.
The Young Peacebuilders Forum (October 2016) that will gather young peacebuilders to reflect on the state of youth and peacebuilding in Europe. The Forum will also discuss how to move forward with the advocacy strategy for Europe.

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€ 50000,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 75120,-

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What are the most effective strategies for successful advocacy work on a European level?



Idea created on April 10, 2015
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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