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Jamie Elkaleh

EU Youth TakeOver Day

United Kingdom

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Idea pitch

European Youth Take Over Day is an inclusive initiative to put young people at the forefront of decision making. Young People take over the role of different professionals in their local communities for 1 day, giving real life experience in decision making and creating ownership in the process.

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Why does Europe need your idea?

The EYTD will kick start the political engagement of young people across Europe, by capturing their interest and imagination from an early age, and promoting lifelong participation. Young people will experience first hand negotiating and decision making, and gain active citizenship skills within their local communities. This hands-on experience will break down barriers between young people and key decision makers, by challenging conventional stereotypes and inspiring a “can-do” attitude. Young people are chronically underrepresented in formal political institutions and processes. Our project is unique in that it challenges this status quo. It will catalyse the political engagement of youth. It will go beyond mere tokenism. It will provide a framework for European youth participation.

What is your impact?

EYTD will aims to change perspectives. Due to the lack of youth participation, we aim to boost active citizenship by leaving the everyday school-life and stepping into the ‚real life’ of a decision maker. We aim to raise the awareness to everyone, those who are already interested in youth participation, and those who did not know about the influence they can have on politics and decision-making. We aim that Europes youth will make an effective change within their local communities, as well as on a national level. We aim that the participants of the EYTD will gain important skills. We aim whilst offering young people new ways of political participation to animate them to make a difference in society. We aim that this spirit becomes a snowball effect so the EYTD will spread around Europe.

How do you get there?

National and local ambassadors, supported by core groups, will spread the word of the EYTD by social media and videos. All over Europe, youth will take the lead in making the project visible by sharing 'Take Over stories' of people involved in the project.
The steering group takes the lead in the use of (social) media. With the hashtag EUTakeOver and the Facebook-page EUYouthDay people from all over Europe can make their local action get global by one click.
Multi-lingual manuals engage stakeholders to step in and become partner in the project. A pan-European promotional campaign will give all EU-countries access to the promo-materials they need.
Follow up activities and evaluations will make the EYTD a sustainable project that can improve itself year by year.

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€ 50000,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 50000,-

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Idea created on March 28, 2015
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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